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Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanks for the Friendship

I have always regarded Friendship as one of the best gifts in life. Sometimes though, I feel guilty for taking it for granted. It is sweet to give, receive, and build friendship in this intertwined world of possibilities.

I'd like to personally thank Parisukat, Monaco, Jeangrey, and Ambo for tagging me with this Friendship badge. You make me feel special. The following people are also special to me no matter how short the time we have had to know each other. I know this is just the commencement of something worth cherishing in the blogosphere which I hope will take us somewhere only our hearts can express in its gratitude someday. I have found friends in you guys and this I will forever treasure.

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Vin of The Adventures of Vin

Thank you so much.


Ambo said...

Maraming salamat din sayo kapatid na Lord. I'm so happy to know you. Godbless and more power to your blogging career.



Serena said...

I am surprised to see my name here. Thank you. I was dropping by to present an award to you too. :D


shiera said...

I'm so blessed to have met you here in the blogosphere. Even I haven't met you in person, I know you're such a wonderful person and a good friend. ^-^
Thank you!

awannabe said...

You're very welcome. Thank you for your friendship also :)

morinn said...

awwww... Thank you so much for mentioning me! I'm really touched! :D
I hope this friendship goes on and goes... :P

Cyberpunk said...

wow i'm touched...thanks! thanks!

Jerad Kaliher said...

I've always really enjoyed your comments and support. Thank you for the honorable mention!

black_mamba said...

Wow. Thank you for including me :D

I didn't see your 'badge' though. By all means, put it out there for the entire world to see ;) I have more memes to pass on and I have another one most especially for you. I've been saving that for my monthsary ;) lol............

black_mamba said...

Opps BTW, you are most welcome :)

reyna elena said...

DINNER? Tayong dalwa lang. Well, pwedeng isama yong mga nakalista dun. Yong iba tiga bayad. Yong iba tiga tip. Ganun. hehehe

black_mamba said...

Hello LordManilaStone,

I remember leaving a comment yesterday but I don't seem to see it now.

Anyhoo, thank you too. It's amazing to find wonderful people such as yourself on the net.

I remember keeping a copy of one your comments on my mail as it really touched me. I'm writing something it on my monthsary post BTW.

Thanks again. I've got a friend in you too :)

P.S. Where's your 'badge. Wear it loud and proud honey ;)

Shannon said...

YEY! nandito ako! Salamat LORDMANILA!
May payperpost ka pala? ako d pa eh, im planning for it pero not now. im still waiting for the next update of google para kung pr4 na ako, apply ako for payperpost para medyo mataas bawat post. la pa kasi akong paypal. kano naman kinikita mo? thanks!

maiylah said...

Awwwww ... thank you so much! :)
really appreciate the gesture!

take care!

Malditang Pinay! said...

wow, i saw my name. thanks so much! i'm humbled.... keep blogging!

maiylah said...

Me again ... ;P

I hope it's ok ... I tagged you.
Hope you can visit soon!

take care! :)
Behind the Decision: A Meme


@ambo=thanks pareng ambo, more power to you, too and god bless

@serena=i did check the site and i thank you so much for the award

@shiera=thanks a lot and who knows di ba? we might as well bump into each other in the future

@awannabe=your blog and the characters in it speaks the good person in you


@morinn=i hope so too, it was you who actually opened the friendship box and that makes me so happy

@cyberpunk=no problem cyberpunk, you are such one of those good fella's out there
@ivy=hi actually, nilagay ko yong badge, when i got up, narealize ko lang na wala na pala siya, so i had to put it back, i hope hindi na yan maglaho, the badge is cute and i really like it, parang sa baguio nga yan kinunan feeling ko lang, hehehe
@reyna elena=sabi mo yan reyna elenz ha, hanggang kelan ka ba dito sa philippines, hehehe


@shannon=yes im on ppp and unfortunately, bumagsak din sa zero yong pr ko, but that's ok, knowing there are people like you who visit my site is already something big for me
@maiylah=sure and thanks for the friendship

@glenz=you are very much welcome, all the best and i hope you have gotten over na about that horrible experience there looking for a job^^

Kimchihead said...

Hello, or as they say here in Los Angeles, "Hola!" Thanks for the positive vibes. :)

MONACO said...

like you, I have found friends in cyberspace thru blogging that I never thought was possible. thanks for the friendship as well.

Male Beauty said...

haay naku, nakabisita rin ako sa bahay ni lord! musta na kapatid. salamat sa patronage mo ng blog ko ha.. don't worry, may line-up akong posting..

happy with your blog's direction... galing mo talagang mag-blog..very organized itong site mo!!

congrats and thanks again!


shiera said...

pag nabangga mo ako sa Manila... pakilala ka ha? :)

Bill Bilig said...

Thanks for the tag :-) Cool picture you've got there!

Lotus Flower said...

Hi Lord,

Thanks a lot for considering me as a friend.

To me you are not only a friend but one of my children. I have 4 in case you forgot :-)

Take care.