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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

That scared the shit out of me

Seeing the round worm, more than 6 inches long, made me shiver. "How could have I been infested with such a parasite?" I thought to myself. I was almost trembling looking at it in the bowl. I wanted to make sure if what I was seeing was indeed a worm or just something I happened to eat. That was the second week of January this year.

Next thing, my panic prodded me to get some confirmation from the internet. I could well describe what I had seen-a worm, pinkish in color, around several millimeters in diameter and had a pointed body. I checked the site and it matched the description of a round worm.

I was horrified by the sight of it. More so did I when saw the grotesque pictures of them on my computer monitor. My mind was racing with ideas then about when, how, and where could have I gotten them. If it's been a while, then that made me figure why I was through some intermittent abdominal pains which I often mistook as pains caused by my liver disease. After flushing the parasite down the drainage, I texted AJ right away. I informed him of what happened to me in the toilet and he got ticked off. I think he misunderstood what I had just told him.

He chided me at the onset and traced back my indulgence with street foods particularlycalamares cooked in fat. He blamed my self-indulgence, my drinking which has turned habitual once more. But his voice had an air of concern which gave me solace somehow. Resolved, I instantly wanted to get rid of the remaining parasites in my system but I didn't want anybody to know about it except AJ and perhaps my mom, so I could ask her for advice.

I felt awkward consulting the problem with my mom. My instinct told me she was the one I could turn to. I knew she could help me. She advised me to buy combantrin for adults but knowing I had around 90 dollars in my paypal account, I just decided to order medicine online to be shipped from the United States to the Philippines. That cost me some amount but I am satisfied and I continue to take the medicine.

According to Dr. Kevin Campbell, Ph.D, people often think that, because they eat well, they can't be infested with parasites. However, parasites can be transmitted in many ways. We've found that any type of bodily contact-even shaking hands or kissing-can spread them.

When you walk along the beach, parasites can burrow into your heel within seconds. Children get worms from pets and playgrounds and then pass them to other people.