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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Of mice again and roaches this time

I know what you are thinking? You might have guessed that I will share with you my attempts at eating roaches in the past. Of course not, hehehe.

I have always observed that Koreans show a very distinct repugnance to roaches. They abhor them a lot. That make me think that Koreans must have decent and spick and span homes always free from bugs and the like. I am not saying that I live in an untidy environment, but the sight of cockroaches and other bugs is common place. When I was teaching in my hometown, I have witnessed several times how Koreans displayed their disgust and fear for roaches. There was one instance when I was having a class at the ground floor of our school building. While teaching a university student, I happened to side-glance at one chubby, tall and good lucking Korean guy approaching the kitchen nearby the cubicle where I was stationed for my class. He was frantically walking and when he saw a cockroach crossing the floor he jumped like a wrestler on an adjacent desk and he almost fell because of his heavy built. I could have almost laughed had my student not warned me that he was one of the bosses in school.

I myself certainly hate cockroaches but I don't give silly reactions when I see one of their kind. It's ok for me to see them but when they start crawling with the intention to touch any of my extensions unguarded, I freak out like an epilleptic. Sometimes, I have horrible pictures of roaches flashing in my head. When I eat something, I feel so paranoid, that several feet of roaches might have landed on my meal earlier. I am person who loves eating out mostly at cheap cafeterias which we commonly see along the roads.

Here in Manila, while working at a call center, I decided to rent a small room which I thought at first was a good place to stay at. My first priority then was the rental fee. It was really cheap so I grabbed the offer. I was drinking a few bottles of beer at a bar near a famous mall when an old man in his late 50's approached me. I did not sense right away that he was gay. When we started talking, he thought I was straight too. Upon learning that we belong to the same gender specification, I felt comfortable telling him a lot about me. "I am looking for a place to stay nearby." I confessed. "I have a mansion around here you know, I have my own gate, my own living room, my own restroom, and I have a lot of handsome boarders and neighbors." He added, "I am sure you will like it in my place. Besides the price is a little cheaper than the amount you pay for your current boarding house." He was very confident telling me the biography of his apartment and I was starting to imagine a paradise. "If you have no TV set then that is not a problem, I have a twenty-one inch color TV and you can watch anytime you want," he added. His good sales talk actually enticed me and I was instantly convinced.CONTINUED


~willow~ said...

congrats! you've been awarded my iteration of the Thinking Blogger Award! :-)

paisley said...

ahhhhh... tell me the rest soon please!!!!!!!!

paisley said...

please see my blog,,, i have left something there for you.....