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Thursday, June 21, 2007

I once begged for salt and water

When I decided to leave my job in Baguio. It was a bitter decision I had to be firm with. I knew it was not that easy though my strong personality kept telling me to push through. No backing off. Determined to find myself in Manila, I packed one jacket and some school certificates and papers in a small traveling bag. Before getting on the bus, I was expectant that somehow, I could land into a job right away in Manila. There was one problem though. How could I do so if all I had was my clothes on and some school certificates citing I won some essay contests and other platform contests in the past? In the first place, I had no diploma proving I finished college. That was in the first week of May 2004. Right then, I was doing well as one of the most talked about teachers. Many students would request me to be their teacher and it was overwhelming. In time with this overwhelming feedback I was getting from my students, a dark reality was lurking around prompting me to leave my job and before it's too late, I had to find myself in Manila. I had just worked for three days but upon explaining my boss the reason of leaving, she gave me more than I was supposed to receive for my pay. I remember, I had enough for my transportation and probably a few thousand pesos for food and lodging....sorry, I will finish this post later...)

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