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Friday, July 13, 2007


Just before I decided to go to sleep last night, I decided to at least post the title of my next article. I never realized that the title actually matched Friday the 13th. My intention was to describe the restroom at Tita Pearly's house. Of course, It had nothing to do with ghosts nor monsters but monster roaches. Read on.

Though I was unsatisfied of the sights in Tita Pearly's house. I told my self I could adjust. Maybe, I just needed enough time to find comfort in the place. But, yeah, I had adapted myself with my dark room with its very low ceiling. At times, it would be very very hot because there was no ceiling at all but the galvanized iron which directly radiates the heat inside the room. I felt like I needed not just one but two electric fans. It was very very hot during the day and whenever it rained it was very very wet. Can you imagine sleeping on the floor with at least three basins beside you trying to filter water penetrating through the roof? I even had to spread my dirty clothings to absorb water that may sieve through my sheet. So many sleepless nights and sweaty days!


One thing which I really hated at Tita Pearly's house was his restroom. The restroom was located under the kitchen. It was like a cellar. It's door was a wooden square about 2-square yards fixated on the kitchen floor. Upon opening the door, you have to move your feet commodiously to start groping for a couple of concrete stairs going down the restroom. It was a very congested place. There were three plastic crudded drums used for storing water and the ceiling were a bunch of decripit slabs of wood intertwined which also braces the kitchen above. The toilet bowl was very low that you really have to kneel down to take a pee and sit with your legs strained when taking a crap. You could hardly stand inside because the height of the room is really low as well. There are short clotheslines attached to the ceiling and most of the time you see wet clothes hung. On top of that, you see big cockroaches crawling upon them. I never hung my clothes there for God's sake. Once inside, you have to cover your nose because the pozo negro stinks to the max and plunging after is harder to imagine.

Going to the restroom when I needed to was a nightmare. Most of the time, I would ask a neighbor's permission to use their better looking restroom. Whenever I used Tita Pearly's restroom as to when I needed to take a shit, I had to move my head and eyes around trying to spot roaches that might just get onto me. Sometimes, there were drippings coming from the ceiling, might be their urine, eeek. That's where you could find different kinds of roaches, from the big ones to the small ones, from the shiny colored one's to the dark-browned colored,and for the first time in my life, that's where I saw a medium-sized white cockroach. Strange.

The restroom also had poor illumination. One of the reasons roaches found it their sanctuary. The moment you turn on the light, then you will be scared to hear thousands of small feet and roaches running away to their hideouts. Ironically, Tita Pearly always wanted the light off after use. Sometimes, I would see him take a bath there with the lights off because there were also holes on the walls and neighbor's might peep inside.


paisley said...

ooooo it sounds as if i would have yo have much love for tita pearly in order to visit him,,, let alone to stay there for any length of time... that restroom is too gruesome!!!!

Dave said...

Wow, really annoying when you shiting while croch everywhere.

Marjie said...

wow...this brings back memories when I was living back in the philippines. it looks like cockroach have invaded every bathroom I've ever been to, including my own. weird is that. The upside is, I've gotten used to seeing tons of them so much back home, that I don't freak out in the slightest sight of bugs these days while my girly little friends shreak from a grasshopper sight.


Guy said...

great descriptive writing. Im afraid that if I had seen a white cock roach I would have taken off my shoe and beaten myself to death I would have been so terrified. At least you survived.