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Monday, June 18, 2007

Life is like a roulette...

Yes, as expected I had to go to Casino again last night. And as usual, I came home a loser. Knowing the fact the gamblers lose more often than win won't just change my ways. I am still hooked to this vice and I feel like there is no more point of turning back-only perhaps when I have no money. But last night was different-I had no more money so I had to pawn my cellphone again for the nth time. Recently, I found out there are people inside the Casino who work for several pawnshop companies. They are there lingering around and waiting for people to start turning over their valuables like jewelry and cellphones or watches, etc. Gamblers I think become numb to their losing streaks. The more they lose, the more they feel like they want to take their money back. Gamblers always find a way to support their vice. When their bank accounts have dried up, they turn to their valuables and start pawning them. And mind you, the percentage of the interest at the Casino pawn personnels are way way higher as compared to the regular pawnshops we see.

My favorite game at the Casino is Roulette. There is something in this game that keeps me urging to go and gamble and bet. I have never tried winning that much yet. I think I am scared to bet huge amount of money, so when I win, I just win a little. And when my compulsion starts surging in, I just can't control myself and I often lose. The more I place chips on the table and sometimes I don't hit the right number. I have my favorite numbers of course. At first I started with my family's birthdays....

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