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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

After the misunderstanding, I finally reunited with my boyfriend

Three days ago, I and my boyfriend came home empty handed. You see my boyfriend is so kind and understanding that he had to suck up to whatever I liked to do. Though unwilling he had to concede to my compulsion of going to the Casino again. A week before that we had a quarrel because I wanted to stay longer and he wanted to go home. We were able to fix the problem though. Then just three days ago, though coming home losers, we were fine though apparently he was mad at me but he was trying to hide it. When we arrived home, he prepared ourselves some dinner. He went to our bedroom first and I decided to spend some minutes watchin TV at the living room. At around 1 a.m I proceeded to our room. To my dismay, he locked the room and I didn't bother to knock to avoid disturbing the people sleeping in the house. I slept at the living room though there were a lot of mosquitoes and there was not proper ventilation. The next morning, it was a word war. I told him that I'd rather sleep at the office and not go home anymore. He was asking for an apology but I was such a stolid person at that time. After that we never texted each other nor spoke to each other. I missed him for several days. This morning though, he came to the office and asked for forgiveness. He excused that he was tired that night that it was his impulse to lock the door. A few minutes later, we talked about our plans for the night. Sometimes, our ego tells us to forgive but time tells us on the other hand to let go of the anger before patching up some differences.

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