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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Of Mice Again and Roaches This Time-The Final Episode

Early last week, I checked my e-mail and an e-mail from Ranting Willow greeted me with the 'The Thinking Blogger Award.' I was very much honored and delighted to have received such an award. I am new to blogging and that was really unexpected. Right now, I actually want to go to sleep but I just feel so uneasy. (Perhaps, I am worried about the possible disconnection of our dsl and electricity tomorrow.)

Earlier, I was trying to figure out how to get the "Thinking Blogger Award" logo or badge and post it on my site but I just couldn't. I am not really that techy. I think I am left behind. I was blankly staring at Willow's Tree and I just couldn't get started. I have started choosing some of the blogsites though, I would be passing the award onto. Hopefully, you could see them here in the next few days. For the meantime, I have decided to continue writing about my experiences with roaches and mice.

If you are somewhat lost, you can refer to my older post with the title "Of mice again and roaches this time" and then read on.


Just before I finished my last bottle of beer on the table. I affirmed my plan of moving in to his apartment. I think I was delighted with the short talk that we had that I never haggled over the rental fee. Apparently, he charged me with the same rental fee I was paying in my old boarding house. As I went to the counter to order more bottles of beer, a middle-aged lady, whispered something into my ears. "You should have turned down his offer." "You will regret your decision soon", she added.

Let's call my soon-to-be gay landlord 'Pearly'. As I sat back at the table, Pearly's smile was immeasurable. He was so happy that he won my decision. We agreed that I would start giving my advance payment the next day and start moving in my stuff and some furniture little by little.


"One thing!", I reminded him as we were moving my furniture and baggage into his house. "Please let everyone in the neighborhood know I am gay, I won't be comfortable moving around here if there are any suspicions of my gender. Though I act manly, I want the people around to know who I am. No pretensions as I want to consider this my second home." While we here headed towards his gate as he promised (it wasn't actually a gate, it was a door just below the waist poorly fixated at the doorway, its sound was very irritating everytime people and Pearly's dog would do their in and out of the house), he made a special announcement to all the neighbors kibitzing my entrance. I was a new face so everybody waited and wondered about my presence. He started, "Introducing, boarder,------and my sister. Please be kind to him, if I see anyone cause him trouble or lay a hand on him and his things, they won't be able to pass by my pathway. Do you understand?" Everybody said,"Yes, Tita." (Tita, is a Filipino term for 'aunt' and is punningly used to refer to old homosexuals.

Once inside, I easily felt uncomfortable. I actually felt disgusted that my expectations were not what greeted me. The floor was squeaking everytime I made a step, and there were lots of holes on the walls. I saw lots of roaches when I glanced at the kitchen on my left which was next to the living room. That was my first time to see really different species of roaches frantically crawling on the kitchen utensils like on the sugar and salt containers, etc. On the right of the living room, was a dark room with its door left open. The door seemed dilapidated as it wouldn't close and fit into the door frame when I tried to push it. Tita Pearly entered the room and took with him some of my things. "This will be your room," was his eager reply to my hidden disgust. The room was really dark and the only incandescent bulb it had was even busted. It was small and it had unevened floor covered with filthy floormats of mixed colors and cuts put on top of each other. The floormat covered what seemed to me were slabs of wood and pieces of plywood patched to comprise the floor. I lay down the things in my hands and so he did. He moved a little bit further and he touched the mounted cabinet in one corner. I heard some small rumbling sounds. If I was not mistaken, we just disturbed what seemed like a big rat and it just ran away. I went out of the room pretending that I was alright. He followed me to the living room and he asked, "What do you think?" I lied when I told him, "It's ok, you can leave me here so I can fix my stuff." He left me in the living room seated in a small wooden bench. His dog which seemed flea-ful kept scratching himself under the bench. He went out of the house to call a neighbor fix the light in my room. READ MY POST: "THE CREEPY REST ROOM" to learn what happened next.


Fajar Nugraha said...

won't have that guts to stay in :P

Marjie said...

ah...the rats. as opposed to roaches and bugs...this one I can't stand. I shriek at their sight. *ugh!*