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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I missed my class reunion because I went gambling instead

We just celebrated the Philippine Independence yesterday. Earlier than that, I got the chance to enjoy a three-day holiday from work. A three-day holiday which I just spent at the Casino Filipino. Yes, admittedly. I lost again for the nth time. In fact I had to pawn my cellphone once more which I just got from another pawnshop. I was unable to send money to my family back in Baguio. I think I can't help myself. I am just a very compulsive gambler. I even had to argue with my friend who always resisted me from gambling. I told him that he had no right to control me like a robot and that I can gamble anytime I want as long as I have the money to. The problem is that I always tend to just loiter around the Casino when I am totally lost with no more money to bet. There were times I even had to go home on foot because I lost even the meager fare I was supposed to spare. The other night I spoke to a woman in her 70's. She looks elegant at her age though. I always see her in the place though most of the time she has no money to bet, she just kibitzes at the bettors. We bumped into each other and I asked her how long she has been gambling. She told me, she started even before the Martial Law in the Philippines. She specifically said that she started in 1966. According to her, her life just revolved around the Casino and until now, she is single because she had no time for love. Rumor has it that she was very beautiful in her teens and she had many suitors. An acquaintance I met at the Casino, told me that her name is Racel and she once owned a jewelry shop and a boutique. All these were gone because of her gambling spree.

Meet Different People In all Walks of Life at The Casino

How did I get my feet land into this place? As far as I remember, I was once addicted to playing Bingo at different malls in Manila. There were more times I lost as compared to the times I won. I don't know but maybe I just don't have the luck in gambling. Ironically, I always see myself in gambling areas. I would always end up a loser. I learned of a good bingo place somewhere in Manila. The place is called "Divisoria" where Divisoria Mall is. I enjoyed playing Bingo there because it was really cool inside. It always reminded me of my hometown Baguio City. Other than the nostalgic ambiance, the price give-aways also amazed me. When I was in Baguio, a bingo card worth 20 pesos could win you 1, 500 pesos only. In Manila, the same amount of card could win you double if you are Lucky enough. My compulsion always leave my pockets empty. In Baguio, I have experienced walking miles on my way home because I would lose all my money either in the "perya", an illegal miniature cheap looking casino-style gambling place or in the newly opened SM Mall in Baguio. Most of my life in Baguio was spent in playing Bingo, oftentimes my friends complained of me being absent whenever we had appointments. I would shun birthday parties and drinking sprees because I prefered going to Bingo places. I took my friends for granted. They always gave me advice upon learning of my addicition.

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