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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Everybody is Plastik, don't you think so?

"The humanity is a nexus of tupperware."-bitoy it is not a reality when someone says you are "plastik" and he is not i still believe that each person has its "orocan-ness" in him when someone says that i am "plastik" or someone else is, it makes me pose a wry look while my opinionated mind says, "Look who's talking?"the same goes when someone comments that someone is "mayabang", how can you tell yourself that someone is "mayabang" when you yourself is not "mayabang"? the thing that you know someone who is "mayabang" embodies your being one. This becomes evident when you criticize someone who is. Don't you think so? I think that "It takes one to no one," though this does not apply to everyone in all circumstances. Like when someone speculates another being gay. There are two possibilities or even three possibilities here I think, one is that the person who speculates is gay, the one being speculated on is gay or the speculator just a monger who loves and enjoys seeing someone's humiliations. Being "plastik" moreover, is not measured on how much of "Plasticity" one engages in or has committed. "Plasticity" comes in all its forms and its presence is not measured by its degree.

The conclusion, I have is that no one is not plastic. In my opinion, people who say that someone is plastic are the mirrors of "plasticity" fo not being able to accept their own infirmities. Hahaha!

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