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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I had sex in the kennel

When I was younger, I knew nothing about homosexuality. I heard no one say I was gay neither were there suspicions. I was just a very innocent child then trying to live life as it was.

There was one incident I can quitely recall. My family and I were then staying at one of the rooms in my uncle's house. My dad was working as a carpenter and he couldn't afford to have his family settle in a separate house. In that room lies a window fronting the yard where people in the neighborhood pass by. It had been my favorite place to stay at in the morning the moment I wake up. I see different people walking by and at times my mom brooming the yard. Out of nowhere to my recall, I was putting on lipstick while staring at my mom doing her chore. When she got in the house and saw me, she quickly grabbed the lipstick and told me not to do it. That was all she said and the incident just passed away.

When my dad decided to send me under my aunts custody in a nearby village, it was one of the happiest moments in my life. I got the chance to experience a better life because she could afford everything I needed from toys to sumptuous meals to expensive clothing which my dad couldn't give me and my brothers. In my aunts house, I always spent the time with my cousins playing, watching TV, teasing and giggling. Sometimes, we would all eat out as one big family and often eat 'halo-halo'-grated ice with some fruits, milk, and sugar. I particularly had a special liking and closeness with one of my female cousins. She was my aunts youngest daughter then and she was at least five-year older than I was. I was like her shadow, I was there wherever she went. From going to convenient store, to visiting her friends and classmates and when playing make-believe houses with make-believe husbands and wives and children with her playmates. I felt like she was the best person I met at that time because she was so special to me as a cousin. She would teach me madonna's and cyndi lauper's songs while bathing me and while I join her clean the house. I learned a lot from her. Later in my life, she would always tell me to ignore people telling I was gay and to kiss girls when they start teasing me about my gender.

One time in my cousins house, my male cousins made fun of me. If I remember it well, I was around five or six years old then. They started dressing me like a girl and they started putting me on some make-up. That was not a big deal for me since I didn't know then what was going on. When my dad, found out, he definitely got mad and took me away from my aunt's house. That was the time I started becoming conscious and aware of homosexuality though I didn't mind at all because I was still young.

Back at home, I met a neighbor at my age. (At that time, my family and I already had a house to call our own.) He and his family were new in the neighborhood. I don't know why, but I found him adorable and attractive. He had an angelic face, with thin straight hair, and fair complexion. We became playmates and I would always look for him after taking a nap in the afternoon. One time, I was alone at home because my mom and my brothers went to my uncle's house to watch TV. I called my friend at his home nearby and we played in our yard. We had a kennel in the yard since my dad always wanted to pet dogs to be butchered eventually. I don't know what got into me but I saw myself and my new found friend inside the kennel. I remember I asked him to take off his shorts which he did and I started playing with his small, cute penis. I don't remember what happened next but I vividly remember that as were lying there in the kennel naked, I heard the kennel's door open and the sight of my mom surprised me. We were both naked and my mom was really dumnbfounded. She hurriedly prompted me to put on my shorts and asked my friend to do the same and go home. I think no one in the neighborhood witnessed that incident. Just the three of us. My mom really got angry at me and I remember putting on my shorts and running away from home. I spent the remaining hours in the afternoon walking along the streets and trying to think of my actions. After that incident, things began getting clearer. I had questions figured out but I still had doubts about the real me. There was a part of me trying to erase and forget the fact that I did a homosexual act... I came back home as I knew my parents and brothers had been worried about me.


Ross said...

Nice post...

Tanakwagu said...

ha..ha are this real how old are u now are u married?

Lordmanilastone said...

hi tanakwagu, thanks for reading the post, yes this is a real story and I am single still ^^

Shannon said...

Grabe ka ha, ang bata bata mo pa tapos alam mo na ang mga ganyan? hahaha... natatawa ako. Grabe! d ko ma imagine. hahaha.. Nice post! good read!