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Thursday, June 21, 2007

I gambled and lost my fare so I took a hitch ride on a vegetable truck

It's true, before even getting on the bus on my way to Manila. I dropped by a gambling place which we Filipinos call as "Peryahan" hoping that I could double my money. I ended up losing even my fare to Manila. My fellow workers bought me a ticket just to insure I would go to Manila but I missed the trip because at the time of the bus departure, I was frolicking at the "peryahan". I tried to get a refund, but the refund for the ticket had expired. I had no choice but to go to a nearby trading post. With big rats and stinky roaches and agressive mosquitoes, I had to sleep on a nearby sidewalk until the post opened. I also had no money left, I remember I had some spare coins amounting to less than ten pesos. I bought 6 pieces of small mongo bread. I ate two pieces of it as I let the night pass waiting for the post to open. I was unable to sleep that night. I had to move from one position to another, from one place to another dodging the painful bites of the mosquitoes. It was already five o'clock in the morning when the post finally opened. Tens of vegetable trucks were in queue outside...more..

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