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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Part II-The Awakening (I hope it is, finally...)

When my boyfriend came to the office as he had been looking for me for several hours, I was having a cup of coffee at the cafeteria on the fourth floor. I deemed I needed a cup of coffee since I had not slept in the last twenty four hours. I also had no choice but to teach my remaining students If I wanted to stay in the job and not upset my boss. Though feeling sleepy, I had to log in to Messenger and contact my students. I had to apologize repeatedly to some for keeping them wait.

While having a class, my boyfriend waited for me in my sleeping quarter located just beside my station. I hurried to my quarter right away during my five-minute break. "What happened to you?" he asked with some conviction in his voice. "Didn't you know that I got so worried about you?" I had to call all our contacts to ask about your whereabouts? You did not even bother to text me nor call me? I haven't eaten anything the whole day because I was so worried about you. I went to the park and tried to search for you there? What if you committed suicide as you planned last week?" Words continue to float in the quarter and then he burst into tears. He was sobbing and I was emotionally carried away. Tears also rolled down my eyes but I had to control it. I was thinking about my next class.

I told him, that I had gone to the Casino last night and I just got back to work. "I told you not to go there anymore, you are worsening the problem. You have a very nice job but you don't seem to care," he added. I gave him a hug and I told him that that would be the last time I would go the gambling place. "But you promised the same thing before and nothing happened," he questioned. I hugged him tightier and told him I would be firm with my decision.

As I left him in the quarter for my next class, I looked up the ceiling and realized how so much indebted I am. I have gambled even the money my boss sent me to pay our maintenance for the company. Then I remembered God.

In our lives, we often question the existence of God. When we are in prosperity, we don't even take the time to thank him. Ironically, the first thing that crosses our mind when things are going rough is his name and his power to intercede in our problems.

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