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Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Chit-Chat with the Spinster in the Cafeteria

Recently, I have been worried about my health. I am getting used to eating brunch and often skipping meals. And since last night, I have been penniless. I have nothing to turn to to fill my empty stomach but the owner of the cafeteria on the fourth floor of the building where I work whom I fondly call "Ate". I think it is Filipino-style. Where else in the world can you find a cafeteria which allows you to eat now and pay later? While waiting for the next payday then, I had to feast on the cafeteria meals served on the fourth floor. I always run out of money before the next payday arrives and "Ate" has been my saviour. Whenever I am hungry, I just tell her what I want and she writes them down in small pieces of paper which she compiles and computes by the time payday comes. It is a big relief. I'm glad I can make ends meet with the help of "Ate." After having lunch then "Ate" who also happens to be a spinster shared with me her boyfriend's text messages. "Ate" is already in her fifty's I guess and she's a late bloomer or perhaps this is her only chance to experience how to be inlove. It so happened that she has a 25-year old suitor and she always proudly tells me how things are getting stronger and better between her and her boyfriend. In fairness, "Ate" also deserves her own happiness like most of us do. At first I felt disgusted everytime "Ate" would tell me of her love texts and her attemps in the past to have a relationship. I didn't find it appropriate at her age. Lately though, I realized that "Ate" needed someone to understand her and accept her for who she is. I became one of her constant listeners and confidante. This afternoon, was a little different though. "You know, I am happy now with the relationship I am into. I just can't totally understand what is in me that made him (her young boyfriend) like me. I mean I am old and anytime, he can find someone younger, beautiful, and much better than I am," said "Ate". "Well, Ate, why don't you just give yourself time to observe and look into your situation. Everyone has the right to love and be loved. This might be your chance. If this relationship is meant for you then just give it a chance. You just have to be very careful and don't be in a hurry. Two or three months is not enough to know your boyfriend," I replied. Talking is really cheap and I find it a way for me to handle stress. I am glad I have met Ate, I am glad I have someone to talk to about my life and sentiments as well.

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