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Friday, July 27, 2007

I Just Love Blogcatalog

As a new blogger, I started wondering how to attract people to see my little sites. Getting two or three readers in a day would complete it. Then somebody told me about Blogcatalog. I actually posted an online help on Yahoo Answers and that is where I got the reply. He gave me a list of more than 20 blog communities and directories, but there must be something with blogcatalog that makes it one of my favorites. Gosh, like I spend more than ten hours online Blogcatalog. Funny, that I always make sure I am logged into it while teaching my students online. You can here me clicking all the time.

Why do I like Blogcatalog?

I like its user interface if I may call it right. Blogcatalog as compared to other blogging communities is very user friendly. I mean, as a member you can make yourself at home. I remember on my first day and in less than hour, I easily got my way around. Like the profile page reminds me of the living room where you entertain your visitors and friends. And if you are hungry for a good talk and just want to share your ideas, you can go to the "Kitchen" or I mean the discussion area. You have to find out the other rooms yourself and I know it's gonna be facile.

This community is where your blogs can be noticed and get more people visit your site. It is indeed a community where people can respond to each other, communicate and reciprocate each other. There are several neighborhoods to join and discover.

The Good News

Now, more people have known my sites and my traffic seems to be increasing as the time goes by.

I Just Love Blogcatalog.^^


Marjie said...

Bloggers unite in that place. I hear ya dear friend! I hear yah!

The Angry Barcode said...

I have to agree :D

Rocky John M. Tayaban said...

Hi Lord,
Thanks for joining and for the wonderful review of Blogcatalog.

Blogging Mix

Bryan @ One Man's Goal said...


I got a comment from you saying that you'd like to enter my blog contest. Remember that you have to do a post about it before August 1 to be entered!

Good Luck


Lordmanilastone said...

I have actually been waiting for you to confirm my joining, ok, no problem I will be writing a post about it. Thanks.^^

~Deb said...

It's an awesome site! Glad I found ya on there! :)

awannabe said...

I installed the alexa toolbar and have noticed my trafic has gone WAY up since joining blogcatalog :-)