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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pawning Pawned Phones

If my memory serves me right, I have pawned my N70 cell phone four times in the past three weeks. I just can't help it. I always run dry of money. Whenever I lose, I just won't keep quiet and go home and probably try my luck next time. I always try to find a way to take my money back. I always tell myself, "I won't go home empty handed." But it's the other way around. Sometimes the table dealers and supervisors always remind the players to go home happy with some winnings or at least go home with some bills for their fare. The thing is always go home with exactly just my fare. That is about twenty pesos. When I pawned my phone last week, it was a disaster. I lost all the money and I had to keep it secret for a while from my boyfriend. When he found out, we made an agreement. He was gonna take it back but would not let me use it anymore. I had no money to take it back. I got so worried that I won't be able to take it back. Fortunately, my boyfriend was my hero. He paid for it and to avoid worsening my situation, he had the idea that we swap phones me using an old model that all pawnshops would surely turn down. He then gave me his old Nokia Phone. In the Philippines Nokia Phones are widely used by the majority of people. I really don't know why.

Now, I rarely text my friends and so do they. Most of the time, my phone is on and off. Perhaps they think that my phone is off or they think I pawned it. I was once told by an old woman gambler at the Casino that she pawned all her properties and business establishments in the past and unable to take them back. She advised me to avoid pawning anything to somehow control my gambling addiction. I am not yet determined to do so. I have been losing most of the time and I still haven't learned my lessons. I don't know what's next for me. Help me God!

There are times in our lives wherein we have to sacrifice the most precious things in our possession. I know this is hard to do, but we have to do it for the benefit of the most. Gamblers though start becoming selfish when hooked and keep losing....



I'm so attached with my phone, it's practically an appendage. I need counseling. Nice blog :-)

Nick Phillips, MY said...

The moral of the story, stay away from gambling. It's addictive and you tend to ruin your life because of it.