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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

To be successful-you have to be both feminine and masculine

My Student Taught Me Last Night

I had a class with one of my Korean students last night. The discussion we had was really interesting. We were talking about gender roles and stuff. We were trying to share our views and answers to the questions involving male dominance in the society. Amazingly she taught me that there is a symbiotic relationship between language and intellectual development. As we all know, we have a lot of sexist words not only in the English Language but as well as our respective lingua francas. I think I also had to agree with her when she said that the most successful people in the world according to a Russian Professor are the people who both have masculinity and femininity in their persona. She mentioned about the documentary "Alpha Girl" which I am not really familiar with. I haven't seen it yet. Although based on her description the documentary is a little bit related to the animation "Pocahontas" I guess. In the society, parents are taught to raise their children in a way that they either identify themselves as males or females. People still discriminate homosexuals and lesbians-that is a sad fact. Parents then like their daughters to just play with dolls, play with girl playmates and they want their sons to just play with toy robots, boy playmates, etc. According to the professor, we have to raise our children in a natural way. We shouldn't control them if we want them to succeed in life.

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