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Monday, June 25, 2007

Smoking Kills, Yeah I know WTF!

I came across one of Mark Twain's quotes or it could be somebody else's, "Quitting smoking is the easiest thing in the world, I know because I have done it a thousand times." I began smoking at the age of 15. I was a junior high school student then. You won't believe me. Prior to getting hooked to smoking, I once blatantly expressed to everyone, to all my classmates in our classes how I hated smoking. I would always say that smoking is like burning your hard earned money in ashes. That incident turned the table on me. A few months later, I began smoking. I started with just one stick a day, eventually two sticks a day, and eventually still, it became a bad habit of mine. At first, I just got so curious about it especially when I saw one of my close friends puffing out the smoke in circles. That was an amazement on my part and because I was caught vividly in awe, my friend offered me to give it a shot. I did, and that was the start of my flicking habit. Now, it is a vice which is really hard to break. Three years ago, smoking was always one of the topics I would happily discuss with my students. They would be delighted upon hearing that I would only smoke five cigars a day and wouldn't go beyond ten sticks. Then they would start comparing me to most Koreans who are addicted to smoking and who are classified as chain-smokers. All of them asked me to quit and my sure reply was to attempt to somehow taper off or go cold turkey. I got sick and tired of repeating the same lines to different students. The rest is, today I have totally gotten worse. Now, I could finish a pack of cigarettes in a day while I know the fact that my health is at the height of risk. I am getting older and not an achieved man. The shattering of my dreams is slowly falling into its place. I know I have to quit smoking as much as I also have to quit gambling. But unlike most Koreans who have one word and heed when they decide to quit at once, I am a Filipino who has a different set of principles. I know I have to quit because if I don't then I will die and I may not help my family anymore who depend so much on me. I am just so stupid- I can't can't just quit them.

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