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Thursday, June 14, 2007

I was abused as a child

In my small neighborhood is where most of my relatives live. Most of my uncles and my dad's younger brother lived nearby our house. They had one of the oldest houses in the village. The house though was demolished about ten years ago. Though the house disappeared, the memories I had there are always intact and I could vividly narrate them here.

The house was made up of wood, some walls were made of concrete. The house was built with the help of some pine trees which were once abundant in my village. It was a two storey house with more than five rooms. My favorite room was my uncle's living room who owned one of the oldest tv sets then. Out of the few numbers of houses there, my uncle was privileged to own a tv set wherein most nights, relatives and neighbors would throng in to see what's on the boob tube.

I hated basketball games which most people watched. As a child, I would always pose in tantrums when I didn't see my favorite tv programs.

Our village then wasn't that congested and populated yet. You could count them on your fingertips. I and my cousins could play baseball not minding whether the ball would hit some houses by accident. The village was our playground then.

On the ground floor of my uncle's house, was my other uncle's shop. He engaged in making saddles, buckles, and leather products. We had a park nearby where people can go horseback riding. There were pony boys who would often visit my uncle's shop. They were his regular clients. Our village was somehow Westernized. Americans used to live there during the World War II. People would wear cowboys' attires and would sing American inspired Country music.

Almost everyday in the afternoon, going to my uncle's house had been a habit. Some neighbors and I would meet there to watch our favorite variety shows just before siesta. When siesta time comes, everybody would start plodding down the wooden stairs as they leave for their respective homes. My uncle had to turn off the TV to somehow control the consumption of electricity.

Mostly in the afternoon, a neighbor of us and a close friend of my uncle's younger brother in his 20's would find himself taking a nap in the couch in the living room. To be continued.

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