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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A bloated pimple...then a sty...What's next?

Just more than a week ago, I had a pimple. That pimple got infected and it got bloated. That was the first time ever I got a bloated pimple. It looked like a boil and the sight of it was disgusting. I felt like I never wanted to go out and avoid entertaining questions about it from people. That small zit, which obviously got irritated disappeared after a week but then it repuffed up after.

Two days ago, that pimple finally left its spot leaving a small scar on my face. It kept me paranoid for over two weeks. I felt relieved but on that same night, I felt a twinge of pain on my right eyelid. I felt burdened with a simple wink. That made me wonder whether sty could be contagious or not because prior to that upon arriving home from work last week, my boyfriend's sister had a big one on her left eyelid. It had disappeared though before Monday. She told me she had to do some offerings in her room like she had to light a candle, whisper some prayers and spread some candy around. She thought there must have been some evil spirits lurking around her room thus she got one. I'm not that superstitious to believe that that paved the way for the cure. Now, I am thinking of like doing the same thing in the next few days if mine lingers.

It is really itchy and painful. I also get the feeling that some evil spirit must be concocting some spell on me. I am totally clueless. Could this be something I have to worry about in the next few days? What if my tummy gets bloated next. Oh my, I am dying to have my own child but not to look impregnated.(LOL)

I really can't help but be paranoid. Until now, I haven't had another checkup since February this year. January 5, 2007. How could I forget that day. That was the day I thought would be the end of my struggles and somehow my happiness. That day when I was lying in bed and my boyfriend came telling me my eyes have gone yellow.


paisley said...

what a tumultuous week or two you have had... i was wondering where you disappeared to... i am glad to have you back,, safe and sound...

as you know i have started a new blog,, and if you feel you would like to contribute further,, please do.. we need secrets to keep this thing going... you will notice GAYBIPOLARGUY, the minx, meleah, random, vikram,, quite a few people put up little posts to notify their readers .. it will be a wonderful outlet for people who find they have no one they can talk to about things they are feeling....

good to see you....

Lordmanilastone said...

hi paisley, thanks a lot, you can count on me...i will be checking out that site again to discover more...really a fantastic site you came up with^^

morinn said...

i've got something on my left eye and it is hurting as hell. :S