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Monday, July 23, 2007

The Rescue

After two months of destitution in my new found place, my prince in his shining armor came to the rescue. I call it destitution because I lived more poorly than a mouse. There were days and weekends I would just lie in bed and let go of my hunger. Ironic as it may seem, I would gladly lend a helping hand to neighbors borrowing money and kitchen utensils from me but when I am in need, I just feel timorous. My boyfriend would tell me it is my pride but I just don't really have the guts especially when I am not so familiar with the person's character yet.

One Saturday evening in the rainy month of September last year. I was so penniless and had not eaten for lunch and dinner that I just confined myself in the room lying in bed with the electric fan on. I was damn hungry. (I had just resigned earlier from my job and still waiting for the payday at my newly found one.) I couldn't hold out the hunger that as it was getting late I stealthily left the place to avoid the bystanders including Jonathan and his group mess me up.

I hurried to the bowling place on foot though it was drizzling, hoping that some of my friends were playing at that time. I had just joined a bowling club a few months ago then and I met some interesting and good people. I chanced to see them there that night and fortunately, I felt relieved at their presence in there enjoying some beer. They were just done playing the last round of their bowling games.

Without hesitation, I told my gay friend Fred, that I had skipped two of my meals and was hoping he could lend me a hundred pesos to get me through the weekend while waiting for my payday. He did give me some money and asked me to go to the nearest cafeteria and reminded me that I would rather spend the night at his home after.

At his home, we continued drinking some rounds of beer. After a while, he told me that my boyfriend had just sent him a message asking about my whereabouts and my condition. I had not kept in touch with my boyfriend for quite a long time at that time since I lost my phone and had no money for a replacement. He never knew about my new boarding house and I had to keep it secret so as not to make him worry.

We went drinking until daybreak until Fred offered me his phone. "Why don't you call him at his house?" I asked, "Who?" He said, "Your boyfriend!""You're kidding!" I replied. Him again, "I am serious, he just sent me a message that he is coming here to see you. He has been here a few days ago!" With that confirmation, I sat down at the corner of the sofa and started getting so emotional. I felt so relieved and tears just started rolling down eyes. "You go and give yourself a bath before he comes!" It was Fred again handing me a towel.

When my prince arrived, I started crying. We hugged each other and he started caressing my back for the solace. I seemed like a child who has not seen his mother for a long time. Fred and his roommate who also happens to be a close friend of mine left laughing at the sight.

FLASHBACK:Though it pained us both, I recall him leaving a few months earlier to look for a greener pasture abroad. Five months later, he came back home because of some terrible working situations in a foreign country.

A few days later, I had to move out again.


BromoLuz said...

Hi, I have added your blog in my link list.

Check it out.

Have a nice day!!



mrsnesbitt said...

Thanks for the blog review. You are welcome at my blog anytime.
Kind regards

paisley said...

is he still with you,, is he still in country??? i hope so,,, maybe i will find out he is there to help and protect you from the likes of johnathan....

also a huge congratulations coming your way on the not gambling thing... i would think now would be an excellent time to continue spending money on such luxuries as food and a roof over your head......


You tell the tales of your life so well, so deeply. I want to be there to offer you a hand, because your expressions are so real and heart-felt. I am glad I found your blog today. I shall link to your blog under my Blogs I Like blogroll, and I'll mention you in tonight's post. (I am not soliciting you do the same. I simply think a lot of people ought to visit you. I will be back!

Claudio said...

Wow... Soo what happens next?are u and your boyfriend still together? where did you move?
I liked your blog a lot and the way you tell the story of your life.
I am not in love with the colors of your blog though. But GREAT writing!!
Hope to her soon from you
Regards Claudio

top ten online gambling casinos said...

a touching piece of write-up i was on the edge of my seat till the last moment to find out what next although i do not know whether your boyfriend is with you stil ?

Lordmanilastone said...

hi paisley, i hope i have answered your question and thanks for the good thought you have for me ^^

to mrsnesbit, gay bipolar guy, claudio and top ten online gambling casinos: thanks a lot for sharing a bit of your time to read my blog ^^

Anonymous said...

love you hon, hope you still love me forever.^^ GODBLESS ALWAYS!!!

Anonymous said...

love you hon, hope you always take care of yourself, hopr you love me forever, GODBLESS ALWAYS HON!! LOVE YAH.^^