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Monday, June 25, 2007

Some Old Filipino Traditions Are Fading Away

The light rail transit coming from Quezon City to Makati Philippines, has been my best friend when commuting to work. Most of the time though, I take the bus for cheaper fares and when I need the time to slow down. Today, I got up late and I had to rush to work right after taking a meal at around 11:00 a.m.

It was almost past 12:30 p.m when I got on the train. Today I was unable to grab a copy of the free-daily journal because I had to rush to the platform. The train station is always crowded even at noon. Everytime I am on the train I can't avoid but look at the people around me. It gives me pleasure if there are sights of good lucking guys who look fresh and who exude a certain musculinity and stuff. My weakness-looking at good looking men and when they look back at me straight in the eyes. I usually blush or sweat profusely. I also find joy in looking at billboards and signages on the road while the train is in motion. I have my favorites, and it is a habit craving for them when the train is about to leave. On the train, I have noticed that there aren't a lot of gentlemen these days. In the past, men would lovely offer their seats to women, elder people and to the disabled. This we were taught many times in the elementary schools. Modernization indeed has its drawbacks. We don't see a lot of people doing that good-old practice. Well, I am also speaking for myself. Once I get my seat, the world is against me. I find it hypocritic to be offering a seat to women when deep inside me, I really want to sit. For older women though you can soften my ignorance. The train platforms have designated waiting and loading area for males and females and sometimes I can't understand why some women still have to squeeze themselves in the men's area. That thing I am not priviliged to have because men are not allowed to go the female area but females are allowed to go the men's area. Perhaps that is a strong indication that there are more females in the Philippines. One thing that pisses me off is when I see a woman looking at me while I am seated. It seems as if her eyes are telling me to stand up instead and she sits down because I am a man. Why would I care? First come first. I need comfort as they do. Well, it is the trend.

Well it is a trend. Things are constantly changing. These days not many children or younger people do the "pagmamano"(the extending of one's hand on an elder's forehead to show respect) anymore. Once, we always felt so proud of the Filipinos' culture and practices but not these days I guess.

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