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Monday, July 30, 2007

Goal In! For the Blogger Challenge

A good friend at blogcatalog: came up with the idea of sponsoring his contest, "The Blogger Challenge": Just like me, he is new into blogging but he has been a long, long way. He seems so excited about blogging and his blogging progress has been tremendous I guess.

The goal is to challenge everyone to better their blog within one month beginning August 1, 2007. Judging will be based on the percentage increase in each of 3 categories… Technorati Favorites, Technorati Authority, and Alexa Ranking.

I had doubts joining the contest but my impulse tells me-I should give it a shot. Not only do I keep myself busy but offer myself a motivation to better my blogging. Besides, I owe a lot to blogging and the blogging communities I am in that somehow, I have deviated from my addiction to gambling and am on my way to proving everyone that there is something worth blogging for. What do you think?


JesseTheCat said...

Hello my dear, lovely blog,I enjoyed my first read very much! you may also like to try out as another amazing community with an easy to use interface.Its great for attracting readers.Happy day to you.JesseTheCat said...

I have pursued many things where I did not end up #1, but by giving my all, I always made great strides and improved myself in other ways at the same time. You are already a winner by virtue of simply going for it. Congratulations for jumping in!

Live Your Dreams,


maiylah's snippets said...

yeheyy, may kasama akong pinoy dun sa contest! :)
actually, i joined just for the fun, and to challenge myself. i don't really expect to win, that's why i'm not holding my breath. :D
salamat pala dun sa blogcatalog review, ha. will drop by dun in a bit to return the favour. :))

...there is always something worth blogging about. just my two cents worth lang po. :)

take care!

Lordmanilastone said...

hi maiylah, thanks for dropping by and for the links, salamat ng marami, i dropped by your blog and want to be back again, keep in touch^^

Shinade said...

Well good luck on this new adventure....I was regeistered with everything there was with my other blog and simply got tired of stumbling,digging, and everythingelse...too much to keep up with. I just have Technorati with this I have shied away from alexa...but, I hope you do really,really good. You are an excellent writer....very good detail....sometimes perhaps more than I really want to know ... but none the less you write very good. ~jackie....P.S. stop feeling so guilty....I am not homosexual and I am judged everyday as well....seems to me you're doing okay.