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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Not Everybody Knows I am a Queer Guy

Until now, I really can't tell whether I am gay or bisexual. I made some attempts to enter a man-woman relationship when I was younger but nothing realized. Now, that I have a boyfriend, I still have inhibitions. Though some people know the real me, I still have second thoughts about telling everybody about my sexual preference. People should know that I teach Koreans and unlike Filipinos or any other race in the world, Koreans are very conservative. They are not so open about homosexuality. I think most of them still consider it as a taboo. As a result, I haven't opened myself yet to any of my Korean students. Not even my boss. I think I don't have the courage yet in as much as I want to protect myself and my career of course. I am saying this because I am not scared of losing my job but because I want my students to still somehow look up to me. I hope that someday, I can find the courage to openly shout at the top of my lungs that I am gay or bisexual maybe.

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