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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Unleash your secrets

Life has so many twists. Life is like a wheel. Life has ups and downs. And if you look at my banner you will be reminded that life can be a bed of roses and can be a bed of nails. Life indeed is full of mystery.

Secrets, these can spice up one's life. To some people, these add color to their existence. Secrets kept for a long time often bothers people. Once they are divulged, a certain kind of bliss is achieved.

And so is the purpose of paisley in coming up with a site where you can exactly tell the world of your darkest, deepest secrets. Unleash them and feel a different sense of bliss.


~Deb said...

Depends on what type of secret you're harboring..... hehe.... But it's so true, when you keep things inside, it festers.

Hope you're having a great day!

grace_of_angels88 said...

Nice post. My life is unpredictable!

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Hope to see you again.

God bless!

paisley said...

this was so nice of you.. i am thrilled that you saw fit to plug my new site,, i really think it will be a wonderful thing once it really gets rolling... you are a real friend... thank you again


It's great you linked secrets...secrets. I told Paisley I have a doozy, but I wasn't going to post it, because she knows my writing style.


Thanks for this post. I, too, am trying to send business her way. After all, the whole human race needs to unload.

Jamie said...

I was just thinking about secrets yesterday, but not about how good you feel after telling one. Have you ever blurted out a secret and the moment you did you realized what a huge mistake it was! Ugh...

Graet blog!

Lordmanilastone said...

hi guys, thanks for all the comments, you are all appreciated, i have been very busy and preoccupied lately that i just keep my drafts and can't publish them right away

to jaimie, you have a point there, there are times i divulge secrets and regret later, but as time goes by, i feel much better^^