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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Rainy Days and Memories

"Teach, I had to come early because there is a typhoon." I turned around as I was still having a class and it was Teacher Shirley who just got in the office putting out her umbrella on the floor. Her big umbrella wasn't enought to keep her dry. She was wet upon arrival.

"What? There's a typhoon? Why in the world didn't I hear of that?" I said, after clicking on the messenger icon to end the video call I was having with my student online.

I must have been very busy lately that I don't even have time to go out of the building nor look outside the window and see the world outside. I realized that I have been so absorbed in my computer either preparing students' tests, evaluations, and reports, and most of the time lurking around blogcatalog. I used to possess what my college teacher taught us as "the nose for news" but these days I am really clueless about what's going on around.

"Ohh, I feel stupid," I thought as I rushed at once towards the window at the back of my office. It was raining cats and dogs. I just recalled that my boyfriend had just left and worried that he might have been drenched in the rain by that time.

I kept staring at the number of people running around the streets looking for a temporary shield from the rains. Some parts of the roads were starting to get flooded because of the clogged sewers. A few moments later, the winds have gone gusty and you could see umbrellas' being blown away by the billowing winds.

"Teach," I told Teacher Shirley,"Please stay here and tell boss that I was having coffee in case he calls. I will be back in a while." With so little said, I hastily made it to the cafeteria on the fourth floor.

Lisa, the Cafeteria owner knew my presence and automatically grabbed a styro-cup and a pack of a three-in-one coffee. I would often drop in the cafeteria to have small chit-chats with the people there and savor at least three cups of coffee in a day. "'Ate'(-pronounced as ah-te, a Filipino honorific term for an older woman)until when is the typhoon going to affect Manila?" I asked her. She was too preoccupied, and just said, "I don't know.!" and turned her back towards the kitchen.

I made myself comfortable in one corner of the only square table inside while enjoying every sip of my coffee....To be continued..



Okay--See ya then.

Ilovewerewolves said...

I don't think I've come across a blog quite like this first I thought you were writing a story, but it looks like this is a real memory! I like the style, and the to be continued part too. Look forward to finding out what happens...


You describe the Philippines perfectly. I was stationed at Subic Bay when Pinatubo went off. But before that--the monsoons! And those sweltering days interrupted by a noontime torrential rain. I've never been warm since I came back. When you write about the Philippines, it brings back great memories.

Lianne said...

Are you ok? You have not posted in several days, and this last post was about a typhoon. Hoping and praying that you are fine. Post again soon, please.

Lordmanilastone said...

hi lianne, i am very much ok, thanks for the comment, i never meant to make you worried, i have just been so very busy lately, i really appreciate all your thoughts for me, i will be posting some articles soon and videos too, ^^
hi staggo, i really appreciate your regular visits, you make me special, you all always take care, hugs^&^

KaThYcOt ;p said...

hmmm, just look outside now, i heard Typhoon Egay is here and creating a grand entrance. we're suppose to watch A Love Story right after work,and now its 5pm,hoping the rain would stop. bummer... i'll get a cup of coffee too...