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Thursday, August 9, 2007 Gives More About Blogging

Most of us bloggers started from scratch and I know we had our own ways on how to somehow make our blogsites to what they are now. Other than the wonderful communities that we belong in, we get to learn and interact with so many blogsites that offer information about blogging like making money, maximizing traffic, enhancing ranking and stuff.

I myself benefit a lot from these wonderful sites. It is a blessing that they put their efforts not only for their selfish interests but for the interest of others. To mention a few, I sometimes visit Online Tips, Tricks, and Tools , Blogging Mix, and my latest discovery, is James Allen's spot in the blogosphere to keep track of all the other blogs that discuss things about blogging. This site is surely a wonderful resource for all the things that we have to know about blogging. Why not check it out?


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Thanks for the link advice!!!

~Deb said...

Sometimes it gets me when I read people saying that blogs about "blogs" are redundant---when in fact, they're SO helpful to us, being that we're all bloggers. Who wouldn't take an interest in blogging advice or something that has to do with our love for writing.

Great post!