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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jingoism: The Poor Philippines

Just got off from a three-day vacation. Wow, it must have been awesome though I had to spend most of the time watching TV and taking a nap at home. Reminds me of Murphy's Law. I had always yearned for a three-day vacation at least but was never granted. I was always very busy. Those were the times I had enough money for my fare and for some allowance I could leave my parents before another six hours of a tiring trip to Manila on the bus. How ironic that I have the time now but I don't have the money.

We have had two holidays in less than two-weeks. In fact, my boss complained that some of our students might think we are taking them for granted. Nonetheless, he gave us the go signal to take additional day off.

Going to work is not a problem. Prior to the holiday on the 27th of this month which happened to be a Monday, I even asked my boss if he would allow us to go to work. I think he was trying to avoid the expense of paying his workers double that he vehemently said no. That was so strange of him. He used to be always adamant as to ignore the Philippine Holidays and kept saying that this is a no-no in Korea. He would always point out that the Philippines is still one of the poorest countries in the world because of so much holidays. Like people love slackening off. Well, he must be right. He certainly hit the mark. Sometimes fervent Nationalism contributes to our lackadaisical economic development.

It's true, I have always wondered why my country is always left behind. The Philippines is a grim picture of poverty. Our leaders always say, we have an edge over our Asian counterparts because we are one the few Christianized countries in Asia and we can speak English better than they do because of the American influence. That means we should be more globally competetive and versatile. True again, but I don't see the fruit of all the effort.

Once I remember pleading my boss for a cash-advance. My parents were in dire need then. As I and my boss were going down the stairs, "You know, your parents are still young. You are working hard for your money. Let them work for their needs," he said. "You know, your country is poor because everybody is so dependent from each other," he added. He still gave me some money for the cash advance and I excitingly deposited the money to my brother's bank account. For a while, I thought to myself, "I'm very much attached to my family that I can't just leave them the way they are now".......

Oh, and I don't want to talk more about "Close Family Ties"
and "Utang na Loob" ("Sense of Indebtedness")

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paisley said...

although i have had my own vast forays into abject poverty,, they were caused by my own stupidity,, and i was able to get back on track with relative ease... i cannot imagine enduring such over the course of a life time... ever think of coming here??/ there is a lot of talk about the usa... but all told.. i think it is a land of opportunity compared to yours.....

Nick Phillips, MY said...

I know where you're coming from Buddy. As Paisley said, you should really think about expanding your horizon's elsewhere. The land of opportunity awaits my friend!


You have talked about your family and your childhood before. I remember. I always admired and respected Philippine family closeness. We, here, throw away our family ties too easily. Frankly, though. your boss sounds like a pig. I mean, who is he to make all these rude judgments right to your face?

Lordmanilastone said...

to paisley and nick, i have been dreaming of finding greener pastures there someday, it's kinda hard but there are many things i have to prepare and consider, thanks for all the encouragements guys^^

Lordmanilastone said...

to staggo, my boss could be right in his judgment, on second thought though, you have a point as to say he is pig for making outright judgments since he doesn't know much about my background, so far am still so much attached to my families despite the hard times, thanks for always stopping by^^