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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Alas, My Birthday Is Over

A week before my birthday, my boyfriend asked me how to go about it.

"What are you gonna prepare for your birthday?" he asked.

I looked at him with some worries in my eyes, heaved a sigh as I moved my eyes to the ceiling, looked at him again and wondered, "Do you have money?" I was expecting a favorable response. Deep inside me, I knew he had not.

"I have some but just good enough for our transportation and our food allowance." he replied.

Hearing his response doubled my worries as I tried to grab the pack of cigarette laid on the desk behind us. (These days, he feels obliged to buy me a pack of cigarette every now and then instead of me buying them stick per stick as that would cost more.)

This situation reminds me of Murphy's Law again. I don't know but I always see myself in trouble halfway just before payday. Why am I always penniless when I feel the need to spend on something? Just like why can't I have the time to visit my family back in my hometown when I have the money and vice-versa?

There was a moment of silence until I took out one cancer stick and lit it. My first puff broke the silence.

"See? You can't even control your smoking, and you always worry about money!" he said with some superior tone in his voice.

I don't smoke that much but to be honest I have noticed a sudden increase in the amount of cigarettes I burn daily. I am a silent worrier and I know what he meant.

"Okay," I told him. "No birthday for me, I am used to this. Let's just keep quiet and let's keep it secret if possible." I said as if whispering.

"But I remember you telling one of your teachers you would share some cola and pizza?" he interrupted.

"That's easy, a pizza treat can wait. I can buy some in the next few days, when payday arrives. They'll surely understand." I said.

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paisley said...

well darling... it isn't much,, but i do want you to know i am thinking of you ,, and wishing you a happy year... not just the day of your birth...

Nick Phillips said...

Hey there, here's wishing you a very happy birthday :D May all your desires and wishes come true.


to paisley and nick: thanks lot for the greetings and for the wishes...i can't believe i'm almost off the calendar...

morinn said...

The good part in not celebrating a birthday is that you didn't get the age yet! :P
Happy Birthday! You've got the love and support of your boyfriend, that is a great gift in itself. ;)


You are right morinn, having him is already a blessing.^^

Jerad Kaliher said...

Happy late Birthday!


thanks jerad, and thanks for dropping by^^