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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My Choice is None of The Above

Upon the confirmation of the doctor that I was indeed positive of the virus, I felt like the world just fell on me. Never had I imagined myself actually contracting the disease. I was still in denial though the clear-cut proof of my jaundice should have been enough for me to submit to the horrible fact that people around would start shunning me. Or I had to shy away from them myself if I wanted to avoid scorn.

"Ok, I have the virus, it must be it," I told myself when the doctor handed me the prescription. "Doc, do I have A or B?" I hastily asked. "Your results will still have to be looked into at the laboratory.", he said. He had just injected me with the Anti-Hepa B vaccine, though he himself wasn't clear yet of the diagnosis. "It could be A or B if we dismiss the fact that there must be something wrong with your gall bladder. I want you to come back next weekend so I can give you the result and perhaps prescribe you more medicines," he added. From the looks of my deformed tummy, it was clear that he was just trying to pacify my paranoia.

"For the meantime, you avoid indulging yourself in junkfoods, softdrinks, fatty foods and alcohol, he ended as he left for his room. "But, can I smoke?" I blurted out just before he was gone. He turned his back and gave a vague response. "As much as possible you have to avoid smoking." I am a smoker and I thought I could give up some of my physical desires but not yet ready to give up smoking.

I was anxious when I looked at his first prescription. He recommended three types of medicines that I had to regularly take. My visual math skills estimated around 500 pesos a day (around 12 dollars)for my expenses. I got more worried. "How could I exact my salary knowing that I have to continually support my family while taking medications?", my thoughts again.

When I got to work, I immediately told my boss of the sad news. My mind kept telling me that my boss had something to do with it. I had been overworked for almost a year working daily for almost 16 hours. I felt exploited being a pioneer teacher in his company like I had to wake up at 5:00 a.m and would go to sleep at around 12:00 midnight.

Not minding whether other companies would still hire me as a worker, I with the courage told my boss that I would have to quit the job because of health reasons. On second thought, I got worried about the coming months, the future. Most companies conduct rigorous medical exams and I might not just make it. My family was my priority. I should make the right choice. When my boss asked for another consideration, I quickly said yes especially when he said we needed to hire another teacher to somehow lessen my workload.

The next day, my boss asked me to scan the prescription and show him a sample of the medicines I had started taking. I was advised by the doctor to be under medication for two months and that must have been hard to deal with. I just don't support myself but my family. Maintaining my health spending mostly of my daily wage on my medicines almost made me hopeless. Then my boss, told me he would send me medicines that would last for two months. I felt relieved.

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It's great your boss is stepping in to help. A good employee is really hard to replace. Also, maybe he has an attachment to you, a friendliness. I understand how important it is to help your family, but you will be of no help to anyone if you don't take care of yourself first. Many people are rooting for you. It's just hard for them to say so at this time.

My thoughts are with you.

Nick Phillips, MY said...

Hey Buddy, Here's hoping you get well real soon.

Lordmanilastone said...

staggo, thanks for the sweet words, sorry if i always keep you hanging, to be honest i still don't know if i indeed have the A or B strain, i still have to see a doctor for a check up, be back as i am working on my next post to tell more about it, thanks a lot...

Lordmanilastone said...

hi nick, i am doing everything to really be back in shape, i still can do the things i used to do though they have to be in moderation these days, i am pretty sure i am on track for recovery...

Good Boy Gone Bad said...

It's definitely good to know that you're recovering. :) Don't worry about it, stay chill and relax and everything's gonna be alright! :D Get well soon!

Lordmanilastone said...

thanks, good boy for dropping in, good to know you were here...hope to see you again^^

footiam said...

Take care