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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'd rather see a public doctor

This is the continuation of the post Do you trust private doctors?

After a few weeks, we made several attempts to go to some reputable public hospitals in the city but as usual, I was asked to go back and have an appointment with the doctor. No check up was conducted until I had to stop medication more or less after two months. Yes, I decided to stop medication even though without any doctor's advice. Worrying about the skyrocketing prices of medicine was just a burden. I have never gotten a checkup eversince.

I somehow felt relieved that the yellowness on my skin just disappeared. I still had to look at my eyes each morning in the mirror. As time went by, the yellow thing on my sclera vanished. The doubts are still in me. Do I have A or B? Might as well live it to that. I have hepatitis and I am getting over.

On one sunny weekend, just before my boyfriend and I headed for the Casino, I told him that we'd have to drop by a public hospital.

"I think we'd go to Casino first." I joked.

"There you go again, you always think gambling is more important than anything," he answered.

We were laughing on our way to the hospital while telling him how disappointed I was that he referred me to a private doctor earlier. Even at the onset of my disease, I already had the predisposition to see a public doctor. The cost of the checkup would be cheaper and I just trust them more than private ones.

Public doctors are supposed to look after the health conditions of the majority and I surmised that they undergo rigorous screening processes just to get through and be recognized as public servants. I just feared private doctors. Based on my college experience, I learned that taking up a medical course was like hell. This could be my personal opinion but I have seen a lot of medical students solely depend on leakages during exams because of the difficulty. A lot are tempted if not forced to join cheaters to get even with the soaring tuition fees they invest in the universities. That gave me the idea that a lot of them don't exactly know what they study about. Thoughts related to medical malpractice or maltreatment crossed my mind. I hated the idea.

Knowing at the same time that most private hospitals just hire doctors perhaps based on their diplomas intensified my doubts about private doctors' capabilities. I made a generalization that private doctors easily find jobs since private hospitals in their sole purpose of generating money need not have to impose strict screening processes to minimize their expenditures. Who knows if the doctors they hire other than their diplomas really possess the expertise?

Well, I hope you don't come across a doctor who doesn't know how to interpret lab results and shies away from your simple questions of how to avoid hepatitis or if such virus indeed could be acquired through saliva.

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The idea of going to a public clinic ot hospital is wise. They see more cases and a greater variety. They probably have better knowledge of hepatitis, its cure, and questions about it.

paisley said...

you really need to find out whether you have a or b,, even if they visible symptoms have cleared... b is sexually transmitted,, and a can be transmitted to those you live with...


I have to agree with you staggo. In the Philippines we have a lot of public hospitals which can give better services to the public.

Sometimes, being called a private hospital most of the time is just a front to entice more customers. Some people have been ingrained that private hospitals are better since they pay more for their services.


hi paisley, thanks a lot, it's true, the visible symptoms have cleared but i am just worried about what's happening inside, there are occasions i drink a lot of alcohol and beer still and indulge in fatty foods, i will have one when i am able...thanks again^^

morinn said...

i agree with your preference for doctors working in public hospitals or clinics. In Mauritius, they tend to employ the best doctors in public hospitals and the competition is tough to be a public doc, you need to be really good. So most people go to public hospitals. Another reason might be that public health is free. But I guess if the service was not good people would have preferred to pay anyway.

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