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Monday, September 17, 2007

Like attracts like

This is kinda long but I hope you learn something from it as much as I did. I was posting a comment on Deb's post about 'bragging one's income' last week when I came upon this post of her about the Law of Attraction. I don't know much about this Law but I sure learned something from it. Something enough to explain why there are people I seem to easily feel comfortable with and the other way around.

It says that "like attracts like". Hmmm, I and my boyfriend have been together for more than three years. We fight as most people in relationships do but we seem to overcome these problems. He always seems to nag me about my fashion style (he says I look like a geek or most of the time outmoded but I just ignore him). As a highlander coping with the lifestyle here in Manila, I just tell him I can't do anything about it because it is my style. And for as long as I am comfortable it shouldn't be a thing to really bother with. At times, he would project matriarchal image and starts reminding me to always keep our room out of mess and that I often forget to put my used clothing in the laundry bin at the terrace.

Long story short, we are ok so far and our relationship continues to grow stronger. As the "Law of Attraction" states, 'like attracts like'. People who like each other hang out together. I think about my friends, neighbors, fellow workers and I realize that attraction and harmony must be present in order for combination to occur according to the film.

Just a thought, sometimes we have to find time to rediscover ourselves and perhaps think of our relationships.

Oh by the way, you can check out this site for good reads and good list of recommended sites. Satisfy your curiosity with secrets revealed, make your day with humorous posts, get some tips about public speaking and check other interesting posts , and more.

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morinn said...

I'm touched, you mentioned me! now I gotta talk about more! :D

Well the law of attraction sure works. And it's sometimes the idea of opposite attracts.I think of my mother when I say this. She is so different from me but we get along so much that it is a wonder for most people! hihi

Male Beauty said...

wow! i actually bought the book while in manila back in may.. i haven't read it just yet (the secret) but I gave it to my roommate who needed a boost because she is very low in self-confidence.

ngayon, sobrang confident ng gaga, sarap batukan. he-he! seriously, she found the book to be amazing and has started the process to reverse her negative thinking.. good ah?


to morinn, it is my pleasure to mention you there...

male beauty, you seem so fun to be with, thanks for dropping by my little sites, good luck to your endeavours^^

paisley said...

thank you so much for the mention... you know i am here always reading even if i don't comment... tho i do try to let you know i have been here...

in hindsight i have to say that in my life likes have definitely attracted me,, even tho oft times i couldn't see the similarities at the time....


dear paisley,

don't mention it, you've been such a great friend and your site deserves the mention, thanks a lot and i have to let you know that no matter what, i always feel your presence...^^