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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I need a computer

I may sound entreating but to be honest, I have been dreaming of having my own computer.

That is the brainchild my boyfriend and I have envisioned a few months ago and hopefully a few days from now, we could have a computer we can call our own, finally.

Had it not been due to my addiction to gambling which almost drowned me to death, I would have made the realization of that vision even long before.(LOL)

Last week after he finished his usual routine in the office, (He works as the maintenance personnel in the office.) I called him for lunch. My approach was kinda dramatic as I asked him to spare a few minutes with me by the window near the kitchen-like area in the office before faring.

"I have a problem," I said in a toned down voice. I looked at him with contracted eyes and a little pouted lips.

"What? You always give me problems." He asked.

I was quiet for a few seconds.

"Come on, I'm already hungry. Tell me what the problem is." He drilled on.

Inside me, I was laughing. Sometimes it makes me feel good to fool my boyfriend once in a while. Maybe that's the abusive me in that sense but he is just so kind that he won't take it as a big deal.

"Ok," I said. "We are buying a computer on Saturday! (corny + LOL)Isn't that what we always wanted?" I added.

He smiled at me and put his arms on my shoulders. We fared sumptuously and talked about where to put the computer in their house. It maybe a refurbished computer we are planning to buy but that will surely cure the longing I have of being infront of a computer monitor on weekends.

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paisley said...

you nut!!! i was waiting for you to tell him you were pregnant!!!!!

look darling it is a bouncing baby computer... oh what a lovely mouse he has

and such a delicate keypad...

oh honey... he looks just like you!!!!!


hahaha paisley, that was an awesome idea, it would have been wonderful if i thought of that, you are such an artist, thanks a lot for making my day^^

morinn said...

paisley, I'm going to use that one on my boyfriend one of these days! hope the idea is not copyrighted! :P

lord manila, yaayy a pc is always a joyous item on week ends! enjoy yours! :P

shiera said...

congrats and enjoy your pc! ^-^