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Monday, October 22, 2007

Christmas and Nostalgia

AJ and I on Mondays usually leave for work at around 11:00 a.m and we arrive at the work place more than an hour later. Earlier this morning he told me he wouldn't go to work with me because he had to finish some stamps ordered from him the night before. (By the way AJ is good at making stamps.) Before I left though, his father came telling him the work was done.

We both took a shower (one after the other, LOL) and expeditiously set off for the highway bus. He was behind me and before, I got on the bus, I heard AJ say, "Take the seat on the left side of the bus." It was an air-conditioned bus and he thought the left side of a bus would always be cooler than the other.

Anyway, I sat on the right side and he gave me a petty nudge. Annoyed, he said, "Didn't I tell you to take the left side?" I looked at him and I raised my hand and felt the air coming out of the fan blade and told him, "It's cool here."

The short journey to work was a defeaning silence between him and me. I was dozing off on the bus and he was listening to some music on his phone. He gave me another nudge just before we arrived at the train station. He was still quiet and so was I though he was too quick to get us train tickets.

At work, I immediately turned on my pc and checked my e-mail. The dial-up connection at home last night was too slow that I decided to just play red-alert 2 (LOL). Somebody told me that it is really an old game (and so am I) to be so naive how to go about it. Since I started playing that game, I have never won any campaign. Not until I came across one of jerad's post about tesla coils and stuff . I figured the reason my warriors coming out of the barracks and the expensive war structures always get electrocuted by lightning. If my discovery is right, then next time, I should immediately disable my prism towers when a lightning storm is created as they could be the culprit why I always end up losing or sometimes aborting the game.(LOL)

Anyway, as I checked my e-mail, some good news greeted me with surprise and broke the silence between AJ and me. My post entitled, I signed up for PPP got approved. I never thought it was that easy.

I was so carried away that I swallowed my pride and called AJ to see the e-mail. We were both happy. Later, I received a text message from my sister telling me to buy her some stuffed toys for Christmas. I grinned, typed in yes, added I'd be home for Christmas, and as the message was sending, a moment of nostalgia embraced me. I looked at AJ and said, "We are going home for Christmas."

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awannabe said...

Awww... it makes me wonder where home is.


yes, awannabe, it would be my home back in my hometown, i should have cleared that in the post, thanks for asking..

♥ KaThYcOt ♥ said...

naks, it would definitely be a happy christmas with the family... i love christmas! :) and it'll be my first as a mother. sana madaming pera for gifts and all!


tama ka mommy kath, diyos ko, halos hindi ko na ata mabilang sa dami ang inaanak ko, i should start buying presents na little by little^^

reyna elena said...

hmmm... AJ? you don't have to answer... I'll research him on your blog. hehehe

Parisukat said...

:) Wish you and AJ a wonderful Christmas.. and though we know, only a chosen few lasts long, I wish you guys to be a part of the list.


^&^ thanks a lot miel, i really hope we last forever but there are times i just have uncertainties if our relationship could be eternal...

Ambo said...

Whoa! It's like Christmas though.



maiylah said...

congratulations on being a PPP postie! :)
it really is great if we get paid for doing what we love (blogging), huh?! here's to more opportunities! :)
yeah, red alert 2 is already somewhat of an "old" game; used to play that, too, but not much ... lol

take care!


thanks maiylah, i do hope too that more opportunities come, and that red alert game, it's old but i just love to play it once in a while ^^

shiera said...

It's a bit late... but congrats on your PPP. ^-^

LOL! So you're still playing Red Alert, huh? As for me, I've been playing the old "The Sims" and "Caesar II" before coming here. However, I was afraid of bringing my installers ^-^

I guess they're as old as Red Alert. ^-^



thanks a lot, it's really embarrassing but yes, i still play red alert, hehehe, thanks for coming^^