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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Health and Fitness

It was the first time in months I had to commute back home alone last Friday night. I wasn't used to such but I had to heed to AJ's request. (He doesn't want to wait on me playing duckpin bowling until the wee hours of the next day (LOL)). I felt some thrilling liberty traversing the dark path towards home but the feeling of being abandoned was overpowering. With the heavy back pack weighing on my back and the trepidation lurking in my nervoused guts, I walked the long stretch of the road from my office to the highway for my bus way home. It was almost midnight.

The thoughts of AJ were my company. He would often carry my favorite green backpack containing my used clothings and some tchotchkes. Whenever we are headed for the junction, I'd often feel a recurrence of my youth looking at him while trailing behind. He is several inches taller than I am and he just walks really fast that I am often left panting a few meters away.

Damn it! I almost missed that. When I arrived at the junction where the bus stop is, I felt some pressure on my bag. My dubiety reminded me to turn my head and double check my bag. Just heard the place is infamous for snatchers and pickpockets. I recalled, I just put my old cellphone and the key to the office in my bag's side pocket. My head freaked out with the idea of losing an old phone geminated with sentimental value and worried about listening to rumors bannering a ransacked office when I'm back at work.

I was right, somebody behind me in the middle of the crowd tried to steal my dirty underwear. (LOL) No, I mean my cellphone(3210). The side pocket of the bag was fully opened but I was quick enough to prevent the worst case scenario. I just gave that lady in her 30's a cursing look, mental telepathizing I would call the police to squeal her arbeit in the central business district. And she had the nerve to steal the undies I bought at Divisoria? (LOL)(No, I mean my cellphone again.)

The long trip was not tedious rather it was giving me a renewed vigor. I would usually feel sleepy on the bus but at that particular moment, I was so alive. It was strange that there wasn't heavy traffic.

I had a mindset and plan that would surely anger my boyfriend once I hug him in bed later.

I dropped by the duckpin place expecting to see Fred. I surely missed sharing a few bottles of beer with him and a little memorable and sensible chit-chat, plus the benefit of sweating out playing a few rounds of bowling. To my dismay, he had left earlier when I arrived. The presence of Mommy Ruth though made me feel a little bit comfortable. She was telling me about her trip in Palawan and how she spent a memorable time with her relatives in the islands.

She hugged me at my entrance to the 9th lane. I always felt she was a mom. She is too caring and sweet.

"What do you want to drink, Miss Universe?" she enthusiastically asked. She was very eager to treat me for a drink.

"Really? are you treating me tonight?" I asked for assurance. She nodded. "One San Mig Light Mommy Ruth and that's all." I said, shyly.

She was playing with the other members of the club but she took a replacement and decided that we play, just the two of us. We were so happy with our scores. We hit more than a hundred pins in each of our three games. I won leading a few wooden lame ducks. It was such a nice game and it was indeed an exercise as we tried to finish the game so expeditiously.

While drinking my beer and she, her bottled mineral water, she noticed my wounds. I told her what had transpired in me in the past weeks.

"My son, you should see a doctor and have those wounds checked." she imparted. "How could you spend a lot on your drinking and smoking and be a miserly on your health and medications?" she sermoned this time. I looked at her and she read my eyes.

It was past 2:00 a.m when I decided to leave. I hope to see Fred the next time.

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Serena said...

Thanks for dropping by ChatnChill again. I guess no one are where they are over night with regards to health and fitness. If we have neglected our bodies, it will "catch up" on us sooner or later. Take care.




I am giving it a more serious thought this time. Thanks again for the reminder.^^

parisukat said...

ayan! You got a sermon! hehehe You should be mindful of your health mah friend. Btw, I got you tagged! :innocent look:

crazed_heck said...

yeah health and fitness should be of utmost importance but sometimes the least regarded aspect of life...ako nga ang taba taba ko na...seems like ive never stopped taking some weight...asar...


parisukat, kaya nga sermunan ba naman ako matapos akong ilibre ng beer hehehe^^



I think you should start having the yen to do something about that my friend. Whenever I get bloated,I tend to frequent the duckpin place more than ever. It's really healthful to sweat it out.^^

Cyberpunk said...

tsk tsk good thing that woman wasn't able to get your phone. but i really want to see the look on her face if she fished out the underwear instead :D

i don't like going to doctors too, but it's easier to tell other people to do so, so GO SEE A DOCTOR.

thanks for the tag btw



thanks for the acknowledgment and the advice^^ it's good to see you here again...