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Monday, October 8, 2007

Could this be leg ulcer?

Another wound, and it's not just a wound but a disgusting one has been keeping me worried for the past two weeks. I don't even know how it started but I'm freaking scared that it could develop into something more serious.

Two weeks ago, I had to attend a baptism in the neighborhood. The reception was so lavish and extravagant that I overindulged in lobster, fried chicken, roast pig, crispy pata, fried pork and beef guts, etc. I was so worried of the cholesterol intake considering I haven't fully recovered from my hepatitis but I just couldn't control myself. After stuffing myself with those delicacies, I went to the extent of pickling myself with more than ten bottles of extra strong beer.

I went home drunk and tipsy. Some good-hearted neighbors took the time to really send me home. I knew what happened right before I entered the door to the house but I was such a discombobulated inebriate that I didn't know how I got to my room.

The next day, my boyfriend had to remind me of my demented behaviour the night before.

"If you had gone home with me earlier and not insisted on staying there longer, you would have not been that drunk." He introduced. He started acting like my dad again.

"Come on, it's late, get out of bed and we have to go to work." He added.

I just got a hangover and he had a hard time pulling me out of bed. I stayed speechless as I was trying to avoid a heated argument with him early in the morning.

Then I went, "Oh by the way, how did I get here? Who changed my clothes?" I asked.

After a while, I just realized how I had interrupted my boyfriend's sleep last night. He told me he had had a hard time undressing me since my body was so uncooperative.

When I got up, I felt some twinge in my left leg. I bent over and saw a small wound on my leg, just below my knee. It looked like a wound which came out of a cigarette burn. It was circular and it was the diameter of a cigarette.

"How did I get this?" I queried. "I have no idea, I don't know what you did right after I left," he replied with a slight poke of his finger on my forehead. (He often does that when he tends to remind me of my wrongdoings and I take no offense to it.)

It has been more than two weeks and the wound still looks fresh. Last Friday, my boyfriend bought a small bottle of betadine so I could start cleansing the wound. Yesterday, we bought two tablets of penicillin, we pulverized one of them and applied on the wound. No matter how sickening the look was, my boyfriend bravely applied them himself. Could this be leg ulcer?

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Nick Phillips said...

Hope the leg gets better soon, if not, you'd better go see a doctor. Can't be to careful now can we?

paisley said...

well.. is it attached to a vein or an artery site... if not it is more than likely just an infected cigarette burn.. clean it and use the bentadine.. if you can get more antibiotic use it... let us know....


thanks nick, i am trying to be extra-careful these days^^just heard this could lead to leg amputation and that freaks me out^^


paisley, i really have no idea if it is attached to a vein or an artery, though it's got a hole in the middle which continues to be bleed or sometimes emit pus...i'll let you know..right now, i use betadine to cure it and penicillin...

Jerad Kaliher said...

I'm no doctor but I have to say that I doubt it's an ulcer. I've had similar wounds like that one your describing that look fresh for some time and eventually go away.

The one thing that usually heals it up nice is New Skin. It hurts like you wouldn't believe when your applying it though.

On a side note - did you ever end up getting a new cell phone?

Parisukat said...

my cousin died early this year because of a wound. it started as amsall wound and they diregarded it. They're fomr the province and the kid was just in second year high school. It got worse and worse until she could not bear the pain anymore. They then took her tot the local hospital and the doctor advised leg amputation which they did. But the infection has already spread. If you've hearn the nes about ZObel helping a kid back in Biliran Province who was flewn to Mla and taken to a good hospital. That was her. But it was too late.. My cousin died.

So lesson is.. don;t take it for granted. go to the doctor immediately.

Parisukat said...

@lordmanilastone - I guess all of us have different struggles in life. You and me have to face a certain problem with our health. What I suggest is that you seek an advice from a professional. A doctor who can tell you the best thing to do. We don't have much either, but I try to go to the doctor whenevr its needed... coz based on experience, It's not good to disregard things, esp. when it comes to our health.

Like what friends advised in the above comments, We may actually have to change our diet.. and lifestyle. Hepa can be acquired in difft ways, depending on the type that you're diagnosed with..

Concerning the wound in your leg. Have you checked your sugar level? Coz some wounds dont heal fast if you're diabetic. Now if it's something else... Again, the best person who can give you an advice would be a doctor.

Don't take things for granted. don't take your heatlth for granted... Coz even if you work so hard now, and provide your family with what they need. What if things will be difft the next day? What if your body would not function the way you want to?


jerad, i don't have the new cellphone yet, you know how much i'm dying to^^


hi miel, i never realized how i have been taking my health for granted, i'll definitely have a check up on ramadan unless i procrastinate, i hope not, i will try my best to get one...thanks a lot for the wonderful thoughts and concerns^^

MONACO said...

hi, has your wound healed? if it hasn't healed after several days better see a doctor. and have your blood sugar checked too. coming froma family of diabetics we are very careful about wounds, scratches or even just insect bites. they usually don't heal easily if one's blood sugar is high.

about hangovers, i have this foolproof tip that i've been doing. just take 2 biogesics before going to bed and you'll wake up fresh the next day! believe me, this really works!

awannabe said...

Don't they have hydracortozone cream where you are? Good luck in your healing.


awannabe, so far i have been using betadine and penicillin, i might as well check that cream out^^ it sounds familiar

JeanGrey said...

Hey how are you? I am sure that with a proper medication and super duper caring bf can make the healing much faster... ;)


yes jeangrey, he is actually super caring and always excited to see me get over the wound, he helps me a lot with the medication^^