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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pecuniary Talk

Earlier, last week, Jenny, one of the latest additions to our roster of teachers asked me if I could lend her some cash- enough to suffice up her family needs more than a week before the company's pay out. I have known her for barely a month but obviously that incident where she discreetly approached me at my station was not something I had to take against her. I used to be a money-borrower myself and in all honesty, I still do until now.

"Teach, I am wondering if you have some spare..." she said matched with the hesitant and the hopeful expression in her face. I knew what she meant and I was momentarily speechless not confident enough to say 'yes.'

She went in to continue that she and her family just moved in to a new apartment and they have to start filling up their small room with their own domestic properties like stove, pots, dishes, as well as diapers for her baby and their daily provisions. She is just one of the moms out there I certainly commend for the courageous move to settle for a nuclear family in the city in exchange of the extended family she belonged in, back in her hometown in the country.

I never promised a favorable response of her untimely need since I myself had nothing to spare. I just told her I'd ask AJ if he has some to lend her.

Jenny is definitely one of the best teachers we want to work with in the company. Knowing she is trying to make things fall through right for her and her family- (she's got a toddler and a homemaker hubby) instantly left a good impression on me. I really wanted to help if I could.

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parisukat said...

It's okay to help others, but in my own experience, some people would just take you for granted. I lend some money to friends at work, and so many pay-outs came and still nothing. and to think we bump to each other everyday. I hate it. When they needed my money, without a single hesitation I lent them. what i dont understand is why is it so hard for people when it comes to paying back what they owe. Now, I already resigned, and can you believe it that they have not handed me back even a single cent?


I actually felt the same way too, I will have another post about it, thanks miel for sharing your thoughts on the post^^

crazed_heck said...

salamat sa pagbisita...

walang philippines na featured dun sa creepiest places...

awannabe said...

Its probably not good to lend someone you barely know money.

Marenda MAGNETIC said...

very generous and noble of you to give :) You did the right thing and the universe will reward you accordingly :)

Best Wishes Always,
Living Life Abundantly

Kimchihead said...

I wouldn't do it... unless you can afford to lose the money (always lend based on if you can handle the worst case scenario, which is not getting a repayment).


hi kimchihead, it's really a pleasure seeing you drop a line on the native sentimental maniac, i am so honored, thanks also for the advice

Lotus Flower said...

This is an unsolicited advice from a gurangish lady -- just be very careful about lending money :-)

Lots of friendships/relationships have been ruined because of 'borrowing and lending' situations.

But you are a great person I surmise! So keep on doing the right thing. I hope you don't mind me giving an advice.

And thanks for stopping by mu blog.

Best to you.