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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Spark Just Died

Sports, smoking, drinking, gambling, then blogging and "PLOK"! It just died. Does this have something to do with my being obsessive-compulsive type of person? Who knows? I never actually consulted a psychiatrist to really understand more about my personality. I know this kind of a disease in my system exists but never thought it would fall under the category. I just made the conclusion myself that indeed I am an obsessive-compulsive kind of person because of the shifting and cycling interests I have.

It's been a while and I'm sorry for being out of the circulation, I mean for having not posted. I would have given up then but got some encouragement from friends. I was in a hiatus. Now, I am back with fear of being enmeshed into that ningas-cogon mentality again.

Perhaps my eagerness to improve my writing craft If you allow me to call it keeps me pushing to write. Blogging is a good outlet for the downpour of emotions verbally and physically unexpressed. As of writing, I want to explode and ruin the plethora of guilt, pain, frustrations, and failures I always keep to myself.

I want to get over the vigorous impetuousity of the words I have relinquised to hurt my boyfriend. We were chatting last night and he just went offline. It was a sleepless night for me and I guessed the same thing with him.

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morinn said...

you write so well that it'll be a real loss if you stopped! and throughout your posts i saw that you have incredibly improved.your use of some words are just right and fit perfectly! you should go on! :D


hi morinn, thanks a lot for the encouragement, yes, you are right, i have to move on^^