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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Messy Garage

Cleaning my own room often bores the insouciant me. I seem to care less when it comes to the maintenance of peace and order in my small world.

After lunch, I had to bustle to my station. I barely had five minutes to log in and start my class in the middle of the day, only to find out later that my student would log in to tell me she was cancelling the class. She had to attend a special meeting in the academy where her daughter is enrolled.

Whew, I was a bit relaxed from the clear-cut panting which barged in the short talk I had with my student. I left my station and headed for my room just at the back. I decided to lean on my cushion though I was trying to avoid dozing off because I was scared that would worsen my sleeplessness later in the evening.

As, I turned on the fan across from the desk at the foot of my mattress. The cluttered desk caught my attention. I saw the old receipt I got from the bank where I deposited some amount of money a few months ago under my younger brother's account. The month on the receipt was May. That was the time I was not frequenting the Casino yet.

Then, all of a sudden, I had memories of my younger brother. The fourth son in the family. We haven't seen each other in a while. He is a driver who services Koreans who take short ESL courses in Baguio to and fro the airport in Manila. And just as I thought, it would be a full moment of relaxation for me, I ended up cleaning the mess. There were piles of receipts, a nail clipper, two broken alarm clocks, a busted lamp shade, a comb, a mirror, candy wrappers, and forget about the rest. (LOL)

I thought for a moment what has been keeping my brother busy these days. Yeah, perhaps there aren't a lot of Koreans these days to be picked up at the airport since the influx of these kimchi lovers in the country is seasonal. Maybe, he was at home cleaning up the messy garage where he stations our cousin's car. How I wish we had our own car to be parked in that property of ours. The garage was constructed and is being rented by my cousin. The last time I went home in February, the garage was a total mess. There were dilapidated sofa's piled up in one corner, spare tires everywhere, and there were even two small kennels. If you add the dogs and pups which enjoy their sanctuaries in the garage, that would be too much of a headache.

If only I had my own car, I would definitely do an extreme makeover of that filthy garage, like putting in garage cabinets

For now...I have to dream on.


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1 comment:

Jerad Kaliher said...

I had to look kimchi up on wikipedia. Honestly it sounds delicious. But then again I have made the mistake of ordering jack-fruit once and almost puked at the sight of the boiling meat like fruit in broth.