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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Online and Offline

You know, I just hate this particular student of mine. When I readied myself for our class at 5:20 p.m, I just saw him online. A minute just as I was about to give him a phone call, he suddenly appeared offline.

"Look at this student, " I told my fellow Teacher Harry. "He is offline again and I don't know if he is really interested in my class or not," I complained annoyingly.

"Sir, I have the same kind of student, sir." The ever-polite Teacher Harry replied. "I see him online but goes offline when it's time for the class," he added.

Last Friday, I was totally pissed off with the same student as he intentionally logged out of Windows Live Messenger in the middle of our class. I was just informed by his mentor in Korea after a while that he was very busy to actually finish the class.

If that were so, the student should have at least informed me himself before even kicking off his lazy butt of the internet. I was left in circles as I didn't know what actually happened. I even thought the problem was on my end.

What I demand from my students especially from their parents is to have me informed in advance of their intentions to skip the class. I don't want to be wasting my time just sitting in front of the monitor wondering whether my student would be online or not. There are many things to be prioritized and if I get informed earlier, at least I can do other things like take a walk, or read some gossip news at the cafeteria. (LOL) But to be honest, I sometimes feel delighted when my students decide not to attend the class. I can have plenty of leeway to think about my next posts.(LOL)

Just like next week, I am fervently anticipating the three-day holiday we have in the Philippines. As far as I know, the President has already declared October 29, November 1, and 2 as non-working holidays. (Please rectify me folks if I am wrong. Thanks.) My mind is tickled with so many thoughts about my plans for the week to come. But more of that will be for the next postings. For now...

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~Deb said...

Hmm, that was rude. Does he know that you can see him online? It's amazing that these students take up courses, and yet, they don't take them...

Jerad Kaliher said...

That must be pretty damned annoying, I know I would be a little pissed myself. Is there anything you can do beyond giving the student a bad grade? A way maybe to make sure that they are staying online with you or punishing them for leaving early?

Have fun on the holiday... make sure to spend it outside instead of stuffed inside all day!


you are right deb, these students must be lucky that their parents can afford to provide them for their education but they seem to take it for granted, the student knows i can see him online though some students are smart enough to appear offline so we really have to double check their's been a while deb, thanks for dropping by^^


jerad, how i wish i could give punishments to those kind of students but i can't, my boss always wants us teachers to please them because they pay anyway, i just want to be informed ahead of time so as not to waste my time, thanks for coming...^^

Fruit species said...

Students play punk = Teacher wanted to scold = School stops action = coz parents paymaster. The cycle goes round and round :) Life is like that!


hahaha fruity, that's a nice way to put it^^

awannabe said...

Wow, the advent of the internet brings new meaning of the phrase "Skipping school."

He was probably there engrossed in some online game and thought to himself, "I don't feel like going to class."

And he snuck back online after a bit while you weren't watching.


yes, you bet awannabe, it's much more different when classes are held online, supervision is really out of control,(sigh)

morinn said...

hummmph students. we all have our bad day with them sometimes. I am both a student and a teacher so I can understand your perception! :D


yes, morinn, sometimes our patience is put on a test, thanks for coming^^