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Thursday, November 1, 2007

My Seven's

I got tagged by Chuckie Dreyfus. The mechanics of the meme: Name seven things about me that are related to the number 7. I wish it were 6. (LOL) Would have been easier.

Here are the seven things about lordmanilastone that are related to number 7.

1. I usually have dinner at 7:00 p.m. That is my only available slot in the evening, before and after that, I teach a lot of students.

2. Duckpin (7 letters) Bowling (7 letters)=This is the hobby I am crazy about these days but I just don't have much the time to really enjoy it regularly.

3. I always have a hard time hitting pin no.7 when it's the only pin left for a spare.

4. When I was seven years old, I hated going to school and would be in tantrums without my dad handing me a one-peso coin for my baon (pocket money). Hehehe.

5. My first name is composed of seven letters. (lordmanilastone=take out seven letters and that's my first name, the rest is my family name) Sorry for making it a puzzle game for you guys.(LOL)

6. 2 + 2 + 3=7 The total number of the PR my blogs got. (LOL) Sorry, this number is giving me a hard time now, really!

7. Here are the lucky seven picks whom I'm afraid would have a hard time as much as I did putting two and two together of the list, hehehe.

Morinn , Lotusflower , Serena , Malditang Pinay , Nick , Shannon , and Donalyza .

You saved the day, guys!

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awannabe said...

Hmm... #5 is a toughie. Can I do 7 things here since my blog is so... dysfunctional?

1. By the time I was 7 years old, I had lived in 7 cities and been to three different schools.

2. I married the seventh guy I had a physical relationship (whoa).

3. I met him when I was seventeen (hey, it has a seven in it!)

4. These are seven of my favorite tv shows V, Little House on the Prairie, Cheers, Roseanne, The Greatest American Hero, Tales of the Gold Monkey, Moonlighting and more recently... Jon and Kate Plus 8.

5. When I was 7, I sat on an African American Santa Claus lap, a few days after sitting on a white Santa Claus lap... so I got suspicious as to whether Santa was real or not.

6. I once had seven teeth pulled at one time.

7. Pleasantville is my 7th most favorite movie.

jon said...

I used to love bowling but I haven't been in so long. No matter how poorly I was at it, I really enjoyed bowling with friends! :)


oh awannabe, that is so sweet of you sharing your seven's with us, i should have tagged you then, i hope you get your blog fixed, and yeah no. 5 must be really tough^^


jon, thanks so much for dropping by, do come by next time again^^

Serena said...

Thanks for the tag. I will give some thought to it and post as soon as I can. :)


Lotus Flower said...

Thanks for your comments on ibanag family. Indeed! I am blessed more than I deserve. I am sure that your Mom is blessed as well :-)

Check out ibanag in the city. I got your screenshot. I just want to share with others how creative and how intelligently written your blogs are. Way to go!!!


Nick Phillips said...

Hey thanks for the tag. Will get it out as soon as I can, k?

Lex aka Parisukat said...

interesting lists of Sevens!!! But what i have for you is more interesting! Go check it out! *winks*



thanks a lot mommy blogger, that's really nice of you, you yourself is an outstanding blogger, and your blogs are well done^^


to lex

thanks, sorry i think i got used to calling you miel, i didn't notice it right away, here is the correction, thanks for the award, i will treasure it^^

shiera said...

wow.. interesting... so that's how you came up with Lord Manila Stone ^-^

morinn said...

thank you so much for the tag! :D

1. 7 is the latest i wake up in the morning.

2. my fave tv serial starts at 7 pm

3. i was ranked 7th in a very important national exam :D

4. 7 is my lucky number

5. my grandma had 7 kids!

6. i have 7 pets

7. i have 7 pair of sandals! :P

Serena said...

Ok, mine is finally done! Phew!