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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bodily Heat

"I am having the chill." I told Ji Hyoung, my last student last night. "I'm sorry to hear that,” she said with a well of concern in her high pitched voice. "I'm just glad it's Friday and this is my last class." I told her. "Maybe, you have the fever, she solicitously interrupted.

I was so lucky I managed to finish the class while trying to manipulate the bodily quake of an impending illness with a blanket wrapped around my torso. If my memory serves me right, the last time I got a fever was more than a year ago.

After the class, I uttered a sigh, looked at the ceiling and maneuvered myself to my room at the office. I kept thinking to myself how sickly I have been in the past months. There should be something wrong with me which my mental extension couldn’t seem to fathom at that moment. AJ was there waiting since I insisted he wait for me that time. Maybe, I am just so attached to the companionship we have every Friday night. He had already packed my laundry and minutes were counting before we took off. I scooted in Teacher Harry's office to say goodbye. He himself will leave the office next day morning.

We safely left the building walking past the snoring guard at the basement. It was almost 12:00 midnight. “This guard is not doing his job.” I thought. It was dim and a number of cars were quietly parked, listening to our echoing footsteps. Way past the exit of the basement, I gazed up at the starless sky with God in my thoughts. I have lots of things to tell and ask Him in my prayers.

As we were doing our weekly night walk towards the bus stop, AJ seemed uneasy. He kept pressing the back of his palm on my neck and forehead. “You indeed are feverish,” he said with the doleful expression on his face. He was trying his best to make me comfortable, wrapping his right arm around my waist while his left busied with my backpack.

“Let’s buy some aspirin,” I suggested. I had been thinking about taking some medicine before boarding the bus on the highway. As much as possible though, I wanted to avoid any medicine intake considering it would have some negative effects on my liver disease. But the idea that I may not be able to get over the fever before Monday next week, scared the shit out of me. That’s one thing my boss hated about his employees-absence, and a single one malimprints a long lasting bad impression. Well, that’s what my boss always reminds me when hiring teachers on probation.

“You have to stuff your tummy with something before taking medications,” AJ said. My face glared like a child. I felt like a baby being pampered. A few moments later, we ended up at a newly opened cafeteria by the road. I ordered some smoked horse meat side-dished with half a slice of a red egg and a tomato while AJ had some grilled pork. I am absolutely an eating machine that I finished the meal even before AJ was halfway his. The cashier who also was the food server tried to hold her bemused self looking at my spick and span banana leaf.

I’m still running a fever but I am glad the throbbing agony that has dwelled on my head has ceased. Looking forward to a better day tomorrow.

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MONACO said...

it's nice to have someone care for you for you like aj. hope you get well soon.

Lex said...

finally i could leave a message here. I think my browser had issues with blogger that it was all grayed out the past few days and I couldn't type anything.

I hope you get well soon my friend and thank you so much for never failing to visit my blog!

Shinade said...

Oh Dear I do so hope you get well soon. My daughter also has to show for class no matter what. And, I often times hear from her about her terrible day teaching because she was so sick!! Please do take care!!
God Bless,

Cyberpunk said...

i hope you're feeling better...

btw, horse meat? what cafeteria was that?

morinn said...

I've had fever a few weeks ago and I can fully understand what you're feeling right now. I hope you get well soon. Be careful with the medication and take good care of yourself. ;)

Malditang Pinay! said...

hello friend, take care of yourself... it's better to see a doctor rather than medicating on your own.... stay safe! prayers for you!

awannabe said...

I hope you get well soon my friend :)
Take care.

JeanGrey said...

wow ang sweet naman ni AJ... :) hmmmm.. may namimiss tuloy ako...