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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Caught -The conclusion of the previous post

The man in his twenty's was wearing a pair of blue denim pants and a blue, checked short-sleeved polo shirt. His sight oozed a certain charm in his facade, a virile man at the height of almost 6 feet. He held a Manila envelope and laid it on the table as he took a seat. He turned his head and gave a quick look around. He pulled out a neatly folded hanky as perspiration was pouring down his face.

It was extremely hot in the lunchroom as it was getting more crowded. He wiped his sweat, fixed his tousled shirt and surveyed the room just like a first-timer. He saw me glaring at him but he didn't bother. At first, it didn't strike me that this guy was a good object for this animal lust in me. (At least for my eyes and wildest imagination.)

I think I had forgotten my craving of the daily gossips and the hunger marching in my stomach earlier was put to a halt. His well-built muscle in the arms and his luscious derriere which I prioritized to peek at when he stood craning his neck to look for a more convenient spot, thrilled the hormones in me. I looked at him again, this time sizing up the contour of his face and the complexion of his body. He's got a well-toned skin judging on his arms alone. And though he displayed a bit of a chubby face, his shaved head proved befitting to compensate for that. He's definitely not my ideal type of man but he could be my daylight fantasy.

In the middle of my woolgathering, he suddenly rose and loped towards the counter. He caught me reading him so I had to pretend I was reading the newspaper. His second look was certainly meaningful. He figured I was gay especially when one of Ate Liza's servers started calling me "Sis." While reading, I couldn't avoid leering at him as he got back to his seat. I got the feeling that he was still looking at me wanting to give me that straight-in-the-eyes confrontation, as if he wanted to ask me something perhaps, "Do you like me? Why are you staring at me like that?" The simple thought of that aroused the weakness in me. Handsome men are my weakness.

A well of blood started to gather around my face. I was blushing and he knew I had been looking at him all the while. I couldn't look straight at him anymore, I stooped lower, closer to the newspaper which I actually wasn't reading at all because I was reading him. While avoiding any eye contact that could worsen my humiliation, my mind kept trying to envision a guy near the entrance wearing a blue polo shirt. I lifted the paper gradually upward 'til it was covering my face. More than twenty minutes had gone without looking at his direction, I was able to gather my strength, my face still tinted with the mark of embarrassment.

When the flurry of activity in the cafeteria had lessened, I braved my eyes to finally throw a glimpse at his direction, if he was still there. To my relief, he was gone and I saw a scrawny guy wearing a blue scruffy shirt instead from the printing press who took on his seat there. I went to Ate Liza and asked about this guy who momentarily satisfied my fantasy. "He has gone. He didn't find what he wanted to eat so he left right away." "WHAT?!"


awannabe said...

Didn't you wonder whether he was straight or not available anyway?

Marjie said...

Hah...we have the same weakness. I meat this German guy at a Gay bar once and he was way beyond hadsome. Too bad he was gay, but still, I couldn't help but flirt a little. I guess it's the woman in me that pulls the whole mood in ;)


i think he was straight but i never got the chance to talk to him, i had to avoid looking at him all through out when i got figured...^^

shiera said...

I'd have rushed out of that room if I were you. I find it so hard to control the blood from gushing to my face and ears! haha

Nick Phillips said...

LOL, that was a funny story :)


well it was rather funny and embarrassing nick, hehehe

morinn said...

I wonder whether he'll come to the cafeteria again! Do you think he reads blogs? He might found out! lol! might never know! :p

Cyberpunk said...

i laughed while reading this sentence:

"I looked at him again, this time sizing up the contour of his face and the complexion of his body."

For a split second, I thought you were sizing up something else lol...

MONACO said...

maybe he'll go back to the lunchroom someday and you'll have the courage to say hi. or, as morinn said, maybe he reads blogs or is a blogger himself and reads this post. ha ha. you never know. life has a way of throwing surprises.