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Sunday, November 11, 2007


This morning, AJ and I woke up with plastered enthusiasm on our faces. I felt a lot better than yesterday and hoped for a total recovery after a few more rounds of medication. I was optimistic I could make it to work the next day.

There was a growing excitement in me as we were enjoying our cupfuls of coffee in the kitchen. We had planned to give our room a new look and finally to have its interior kiss the refreshing sight of a purplish shade of blue coating. AJ had always wanted us to spare some time and money for the painting of his room. We just had been lingering on the plan because we were focused on something else then. I was noisily sipping the hot coffee in my cup while thinking of my family back home. The aromatic elemental experience in my cup reminded me to give my sister a ring later if they ever received the cash I sent last Monday.

AJ interrupted my enamor of enjoying a bit of caffeine when he asked, "What do you want for breakfast?" without the attached "Hon" at the end. "You can get me any vegies, anything not oily," I replied with a command of manliness in my voice. That's not the usual me though when time gives us the feeling that the world is our own, in our hands and we have all the freedom to express how we feel towards each other. Unfortunately, AJ's home isn't just ours but his family's and the extension of it. I don't complain though that the congestion is seemingly evident in this three-storey house of theirs. But the many pairs of unsuspecting eyes, ironically is something I have to contend with. It isn't an assurance that I should show any signs of sissiness through my actions and words. {The word "bakla" (gay) is a word of mouth here and kids even at the age of three use it as a weapon to leave their playmates crying in tantrums. Adults as well as children either poke fun at each other using homophobic words. The way they do, signifies an innate prejudice against homosexuals.} At least, I still have a space to breathe and the way I am being treated is befitting to my satisfaction. An added bonus is the fact that I can be with AJ though I don't know for how long.

And you thought we painted the room ourselves? No, we had to pay JB's service, the eldest son of "Ate Gemma", one of our friendliest neighbors who frequents the house to play some card games with AJ's mom and sister. AJ insisted we didn't have to hire JB to do the makeover since we can do it ourselves. (Gosh, can I call it a makeover even if it's just a mere painting session? (LOL))But it was my decision to pay for JB's service. "Does it hurt your pocket if we could give a little help to JB and his family?" I asked and searched AJ's face for an answer. "Ate Gemma's" husband has been working in a far away city and has not come back home yet for several months now. It's really hard for the family to find means for survival without the breadwinner's financial support.

In the end, we concluded to hire JB for a few hours while I read some books and AJ replace his mom for the awaiting card game downstairs. A few minutes later, while I was absorbed in my reading, AJ came telling me I had to take over while he go to the restroom.

"Seems like you and AJ are both planning to take home your own girlfriends," 'Ate Gemma' greeted me as I plopped down the small bench. "I looked at her a wink trying to hold the gush of blood rushing up my face. I obviously blushed but I never spoke a word. "After your room gets painted, you have to put a divider in between and you can spend your honeymoon with your girlfriends," she suggested with the intention to give a crack. "Do you have a girlfriend in Baguio?" She finally asked. AJ came back in time to proceed with the game before I could give a reply. I was relieved.


shiera said...

Must be really tough controlling your expression!
I'm really bad at hiding mine.


it's really hard to feel bridled of your true emotions, i want to break free but there are people i have to protect...^^

Lex said...

^-^ hmm makeover ng room for honeymoon nyo ni AJ. *winkz*
ako na magsasabi kz mali c aleng neighbor!

Cyberpunk said...

i love how you used the word "makeover"

bongga at fabulosa ang dating hahaha



hahaha, pasaway ka lex, maling-mali talaga siya...^^


thanks for the nice comment cyberpunk, the effiminate instinct in me must have concocted that one while i was writing the post, hehehe

MONACO said...

that was a difficult situation with ate gemma! swerte you were saved by the bell when aj walked in. whew!