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Sunday, November 18, 2007

phone chat dating

I know a few people who found their true love through the Internet. One is happily married and in Sweden, another one already has two children enjoying the sight of her blue-eyed children in New Zealand, and the other one just flew to Germany to heed to the marriage proposal she got from her loyal boyfriend whom she met through chatting online.

For those people who are lonely, loveless, and are looking for their ideal partners in life, Friendsation might just be the first step for you. It is a free community website that facilitates live chat thru live Chat thru multiple mediums.

Signing up is free so why not try it? It is an online site which provides you an avenue for free dating, free live chat, and free phone chat.

1 comment:

awannabe said...

Or... they could look up an old flame through a site like (just hopefully not while they are married).