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Friday, November 2, 2007

Holiday Cheer Through Out The Year!

This is a sponsored post.

I have started talking about Christmas in my previous post and I think it's too early to be talking about my Christmas wishlist for my family. Anyway, before worrying about stretching my budget for the season of love and gift-giving, let me for the meantime share with you the items in the list. It pays to see something to visualize even before the occasion to keep you focused on their realization. Thank God CouponChief is here to help.

For my older brother, I hope to give him a pair of shoes. There are lots of choices though at shoes-accessories. For my younger brother who has planned to get hitched early next year, I want to give a digital camera so he can take pictures of his wedding which I may not be able to see. I am thinking If I also have to give him a suit. For my two other brothers, I can share with them a computer and a force jacket each. The weather in my hometown really gets cold especially in the months of December and January. For my sister and her favorite pet "Bantay", a variety of beautiful dog costumes will do.

And finally, how can I forget my mom and dad? I wish I could give them some pairs of classic utility pants and jessica london's jacket and blazers.

Well, that means I have to doubly work hard before I run out of the deadline.

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