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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Flat-Nosed Me

There are parts of me that I feel are beautiful, but they don't have anything to do with my nose.-Sally Field

How I miss some funny moments and conversations with my past students and fellow teachers. When I was in Baguio, they'd always ask me about the acqueousness of my nose. I'd tell them, it just sweats a lot for no apparent reason. I never thought that the cliched belief of associating jealousy with a sweaty nose was something that would leave me red in the face.

I hated my nose when I was younger and I felt doomed everytime I'd look at my brothers-they being endowed with fine looking ones. All the while, I avoided my nose put in the limelight of any conversation or small talks. I wished it was never appendaged to me.

After years of drenching my nose to no avail, and the futile attempt of suppressing the humiliation and the ridicule attached to it, I got the hang of allowing it the center of banter among my friends and acquaintances during lunch breaks in the dining hall, short breaks in the lounge. Eventually, my nose became my pride.

I took those negative comments I'd hear from people in a light manner. Then all of sudden, I just saw myself gliding with the jokes and puns about it.

"You are very lucky to have those grecian noses," I'd often tell people who are born with naturally perfect noses. But I don't sulk, believing mine is a parking lot.

Once a close friend of mine told me something which really made my nose look a little bit prominent. That moment was so magical that it made me think my nose is not the most desperate thing God ever created.

"You know, you have to be happy with your nose, it is just a parking lot after all. You know Teacher Pamela, don't you?" He asked. "Yes," I said quickly, and then my imagination started to soar with the imaginary mirror by my side. I had not been so familiar with Teacher Pamela since she was just one of the new teachers then and we would always be assigned to teach different students in different condo's in the subdivision. I wasn't so particular with how she looked like but I had to be when my close friend said, "Teacher Pamela, has an airport in her visage!" I was so naive of the wisecrack he just struck me up with. A few seconds later, we both burst into insane laughs.

That would often break the ice in some of those cherished conversations with my students and some old fellow teachers. Little by little, I learned how to accept things as they are-that this is my nose and it tells so much about my personality. I am proud of it and my dream of having a nose surgery in the future is bygone. I want to cherish the moment when most of my students would daub their fingers each day on this shiny nose of mine.

Those words keep ringing in my head. "Your nose and the sweat on it are a lucky charm."

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awannabe said...

Let us see a picture!

I think my nose is my favorite part of my body. Its a perfect, not too fat, not too skinny, unlike the rest of my body lol.


hahaha, awannabe, i am thinking about showing my face or at least my real nose on this site, but i am not just ready yet, need to earn some guts^^

Cyberpunk said...

haha well at least now you're one with your nose

i'm apathetic about my nose, but I hate my sinuses...


same thing here cyberpunk, worse is my sinusitis is on the loose again, poor me^^

morinn said...

to tell you the truth i don't particularly like my nose either! people say its too long! :(

shiera said...

LOL! yeah, show us a picture! even with just your nose on it. hehe...

My family makes fun of my forehead. They always tease me that all they see from my web cam is my forehead! But at least I make them laugh... hehe



Salamat sa pagbisita, hehehe, dumadami yata ang nagprepressure sa akin na ipakita ko ang ilong ko,(LOL) basta, i still haven't thought about it, time will come, who knows...^^