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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Going To Church

The power went off just a few minutes back. I thought I wouldn't be able to post anything tonight. It just so happened that some inconsiderate neighbors had the nerve to bypass their actual electric consumption. Wire tapping, using jump wires, looting of electrical wires-these are so common practices of some self-oriented people where AJ lives.

AJ was quick, he got a candle downstairs near the kitchen. Candles are a necessity in a place where the least of worst things habitually happen. The candle gave us temporary brightness in the room while I was busily fanning myself with a brand new folder I darted into on the desk to my left. I was quiet and obviously irritated of the earlier bearable heat which just doubly took its toll on my easily drenched body.

The power was restored by the time the folder was half-way dilapidated.

In my recap, I saw myself at the church this afternoon. Having said my prayers intended for my family, my loved ones, my health, etc. gave me some kind of inner peace and tranquility. AJ and I left the church with the resonance of the renewed vigor in us, in our spirituality. I want to go there next week again and want to keep it as regular as possible if I could.

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♥ KaThYcOt ♥ said...

were the neighbors who used jumpers got caught? :) i hope so... anyways, the sermon for yesterdays mass is nice di ba? that even without showing how a good Christian we are in the open, God always sees the good within us. i was deeply touched with the message. i know God always sees to care for us.

and yeah, i got another tag for you! :) mwuah!

parisukat said...

I haven't gone to the church for awhile now. though I always worship Him

morinn said...

aargh I hate those kind of neighbours! they're rather selfish. yesterday we have several power cuts at random intervals. it was irritating. luckily it was solved in the afternoon.


mommy kat,

no one gets caught unfortunately, everybody seems to tolerate them, the sermon was indeed good, it made me feel a little comfortable with my faith in Him, i will head for your blog to see what the tag is^^



that is one thing i always seem to forget, when i am so much busy, i always forget to say my prayers before and after meals and when going to bed...i hope to keep HIM always in my heart.^^

awannabe said...

Its nice you want to improve your relationship with your higher power. I'm presently reading Your Best Life Now by Joel Osteen, about the things God wants for us in this life. Its a real pick me up.


thanks awannabe for the suggestion, i will try to look for that book next payday, thanks again for leaving your thoughts on my blog^^

Malditang Pinay! said...


Sorry I've not made the taggged yet busy ang lola sa pagaasikaso sa lolo mo... anyway, keep blogging I'm reading your blog everyday hehehhe congrats!

MONACO said...

you should be careful. jumpers and illegal connections among your neighbors may cause fires, one of my fears.

i didn't go the church regularly before i learned my lesson the hard way. throughout my trials, God seemed to remind me that I have forgotten Him.

mangelnoah07 said...

it's so nice of you to try on building a good relationship with God. It's really heartwarming to know that we have a Higher One to look, guide and care for us... ;D

By the way, it's a nice blog you got there... i'll surely be back to read on some more...

Filipino blogger ka rin di bah?
Mabuhay ang mga Pilipino!!!


@mangelnoah, yes, i am a filipino blogger just like you, thanks for the visit, yours is a nice site as well...