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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


The sunray was already filtering through my window when I decided to get up. I sank in bed late last night and I just had another nightmare. But it's not the one that leaves you gasping for breath nor the one that puts you gaping with your restricted howl.

Must be a good day for me as I examined myself in the mirror. The bulged wound on my lip has shrunken and I felt heaven. It was terrible the past days, avoiding to eat this 'n that and being restrained by AJ from smoking ,albeit I thought it was a blessing in disguise to remind me of how long I have been a smoker and it's about time I cut the addiction. I have been so dependent on cigarettes and I am just so desperate to make attempts at quitting. I have tried tapering off to no avail. I went cold turkey but it was just a cycle. Now I still suck up on these cancer sticks.

After making myself freshly clean and neat, I dashed for my station, turned on my PC and disappeared moments later for a meal upstairs.

I saw myself seated at a table next to the counter at the cafeteria. As usual the place was in a flurry and I had to wait to be served. Trying to hold my hunger, I threw a glance at the display of foods and after giving myself some assurance that I'd be served, I grabbed the tabloid(BULGAR) halfway inserted in the drawer to my right. Reading the newspaper has been a habit to satisfy my piqued curiosity of the showbiz news. In short, I love gossips and people there in the lunchroom often call me "tsismosa" (gossip monger) hehehe.

While engrossed in today's showbiz headlines, I spotted a guy who just managed to take a seat at a table near the entrance. He must be a new customer, I thought...To be continued...


snippets said...

I know somebody who tried quitting, and he lasted only for a year ... now he's back at those "cancer sticks" (lol) again. We're hoping he'll stop soon, but really, it's his decision. :)

thanks for the visit earlier!

black_mamba said...

bakit mo naman binitin? kung kelan kinikilig na ako lol.... kelan ang kadugtong?? haha

Parisukat said...

have something for you in myhave something for you in my blogggie!

Serena said...

I guess there must be a strong enough reason for quitting smoking. You've named it. It is cancer causing.

Humans, unlike animals need a purpose to go on living too. Not just merely existing. So the question is, Does your life have a purpose strong enough for you to quit life threatening habits?


monaco said...

i used to smoke a lot too, but quit about two years ago. i still ocassionally puff on a stick or two per week.

i knew four people who quit abruptly and ended up sick having withdrawal difficulties.

maiylah said...

hope you don't mind,
I've tagged you ... :)

take care!

Blogging Stuff tag

morinn said...

lol! i love gossips too! it's so hard to admit at times!

i know it's hard to quit smoking. got a friend who tried but she started smoking again after some weeks. it's really difficult to stop.

awannabe said...

I don't like cliffhanger endings :)
But I do it all the time too.

vin said...

since you like showbiz, try mo & lahat yata kami dito sa office addicted na. ^_^


thanks for leaving your comment here vin, i actually frequent pepster and just like you that showbiz site is becoming an addiction, i even leave some comments on john's blog, funny^^