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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Vitamin BTB -Be The Blog

There's more I would like to present to our dear fellow bloggers out there because of their notable blogging efforts but my time pulls my eagerness to give them right off the bat. For now let me start doing my share in bestowing this award to the following:

You can check out their blogs yourself to realize how much of a vitamin they serve to perk up your reading pleasure. There are equally deserving blogs I'd like to share this with but it's already a redundancy.

Be The Blog Awardees

Cyberpunk of Cyberpunk's So-Called Life
Jehrad of Bust A Change
Kimchihead of The Kimchihead
Loz of Sunrays and Saturdays
Mama Reynz of Reyna Elena
Mon of Keyboards Monologue
Morinn of Something to Talk About
Nick of Anything Goes
Shannon of Another Blogista On The Spot
Shiera of Bisdak Babbles
Sparky of A Faeries Tale

To the recipients please visit Me and My Drum for the suitable badge of your choice.

And to Awannabe ,Parisukat , and Ivy -my heartfelt gratefulness extends to the interior of my ears and the flung corners of my mouth. (Can you imagine how you just made me smile?) This could be corny and an exaggeration but there is no other way I could express my warmest thanks to you.


Black_Mamba said...

It's because of your charismatic nature, your grateful spirit, and your unpretentious chracter that has drwan me to you (& your site). Thank you also Sis ;)

Shannon said...

YEHEY! Anito ako ulet! Samalat LORDMANILA! You too, you have a good and very informative blog.


@Black Mamba

You are welcome sis, and I thank you too for being a sis to me. It's so nice to know I have a sis to call here at the blogosphere.

Yes, you are welcome Shannon, I just enjoy reading your blog...^^

Nick Phillips said...

hey Lord Manila, thanks so much for the award. I'm deeply honoured :)

morinn said...

aaawww that's so sweet of you! thanks a lot! :D I'm really flattered

shiera said...

Wow! another gift from you!
Thank you very much! It's a great honor! Now, I really should work on becoming one of THE Blog. ^-^

geri a.k.a. raredog said...

ganda ng site mo, sarap sa mata :D

awannabe said...

You're welcome and congrats to you also :-)

Cyberpunk said...

hehe I'm Vitamin C (for Cyberpunk) :D

Thank you once again for the appreciation :)

MONACO said...

thanks again lordmanilastone. I hope I can live up to this.


of course you can mon, you deserve that and so far, you are doing great...^^ You are very much welcome.

Anonymous said...

Wow... what a neat and fun surprise! Thank you muchly for the recognition. I'm touched.


Kimchihead said...

Thanks! :-)